Newcastle's Hidden Gems with Travelodge

As all of us Geordies know, Newcastle is the best city in the UK. Fact. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of other amazing cities I love all around the country, but none of them are quite as special as The Toon. We have amazing restaurants, great shopping, ever-expanding nightlife....everything you'd want, basically. But that's nowt new, is it? You only need to wander down Grey Street on a Saturday evening to see how many people make Newcastle their weekend destination of choice. And there are plenty of articles and blog posts about detailing where's best to visit in and around the City Centre, but what about a bit further afield? Well, lemme tell you what I'd do if I were visiting Newcastle for a weekend.....

Intu Metrocentre's Fashion Live & House of Fraser Event

I think I may have mentioned before that I live very close to Gateshead's intu metrocentre and can regularly be found wandering the walkways laden with bags of shoes and Krispy Kremes (whoever had the idea to open a KK cart outside M&S is a GENIUS), so when an invite to their Autumn Winter Fashion Live Event popped into my inbox I was in.  

I was particularly interested since the event would also include a tour of the new look House of Fraser store, where I worked a mere 16 years ago. (Let's just gloss over the fact that my 'blog age' suggests this means I worked there when I was a ten year old child). HoF has already changed massively since I was a fixture in the beauty hall back in the day, and I was keen to see what else the store store.

Boden Sale Bargains

I've bought a few bits from Boden before, so when I noticed last week that they had an additional 20% off sale prices, I put in a cheeky order. Although I initially had thirteen items in my basket (!), in the end I was quite restrained and whittled it down to three, what with needing to keep my cash for our upcoming house move (and I'm meant to be getting rid of stuff, not acquiring more, but never mind). 

I went for:

A Life Update, My Depop Experience...& Some Shopping*

(*because let's be honest, that's why you're really here, isn't it? ;-) )

Okay...errmmm....righttttt...well. This is kind of embarrassing, actually. Because I have been - for want of a better word - absent from all things bloggy for a few weeks now. I do have a perfectly reasonable explanation for this: I have been immersed in the horror that is Moving House. What's so horrific about it? Well, apart from the mountains of paperwork to be filled in, endless cleaning of the house you're trying to sell, (and I've gone through seven Yankee Candles. SEVEN! The big ones!), the stress over whether you're doing the wrong thing and will never find a new house to move to, as well as, once you do find one, the sleepless nights worrying that the whole thing will fall right through...need I say more? And I've not even moved yet! (Breathes deeply for ten seconds).