Pastel Perfection from Katie Loxton

As you know, I am completely in love with all things Kate Spade - it's the playful, girlie retro-chic styling that gets me. Oooh, and all the purdy colours. Everytime I visit a KS store I just want to lie down amongst all the handbag goodness and live there forever. Then I check my finances and reign things in a bit. I've had some mega bargains from KS outlets in the US, but UK prices are just like, 'WHAAAAT?!' So I'm always on the look out for similarly styled, cute accessories with a cheaper price tag. Step forward Katie Loxton.

Boden Town Hall Sale at Newark Showground

One of the most popular posts I've ever written was my trip to last year's Boden Town Hall Sale at Newcastle Racecourse. Now, you know me, I aim to please, so when I found out Boden weren't holding any sales in the North East this year, I knew I'd just have to find one elsewhere in the country and get myself there. Y'know, for the blog. For you. 

So on Wednesday I jumped on the train and headed down to Newark, where Boden were holding their sale in one of the huge Showground buildings. (Newark is 150 miles from Newcastle, so this was a 300 mile round trip. I am truly committed to the bargains blog, aren't I? Just saying). Once I arrived I had a short wait in the long (like, hundreds of Boden lovers) queue before we were let loose inside the sale armed with huge baskets handed to us at the door.

It's Back....#FenwickBeautyWeek at Fenwick, Newcastle

There's nothing I love more than skipping around the fabulous Beauty Hall at my favourite North East department store, Fenwick, checking out gorgeous new products from the dozens of beauty houses and leaving laden with iconic green shopping bags full of treats (and possibly a cake or three), so I always get pretty excited by Beauty Week. (See last year's post here). During Beauty Week, some of the most glamorous, luxurious brands in the Beauty Hall hold events and master classes to show off their newest collections - basically, it's a beauty lover's dream come true.

bareMinerals Surprise Collection

Recently, I've been trying to live frugally. I say trying, because, obviously, there are some things you just need, like shampoo, new socks and Warburton's Giant Crumpets. But on the whole, I've really cut down my spending. I haven't really bought any make up, for example, for ages, despite seeing piles of newly launched fabulous looking stuff I want to try, AND despite me running out of some of my favourite daily products. I'm trying to use up everything I already own (This should take -  ooooh -  around ten years, I'd think).