BareMinerals Gen Nude Collection - The Nudes You Never Knew you Needed

I've been on a bit of a beauty spending ban for the last couple of months, since I have boxes full of stuff I've bought on a whim after seeing a particularly persuasive advert/blogger/YouTuber tell me I NEED it, only to find out that not only did I not need it, but I didn't particularly want it either. This is because, as much as I love makeup and seeing the fabulous looks people create on instagram, I wear the same dozen or so products pretty much every day, since my go to look is a taupey-brown slightly smokey eye, glowy pink cheeks and a nude lip. If it ain't broke, right?

That said, I am forever having my head turned by nude lips. Well, nude lip products, anyway. If you're a nude-lip fan, you'll know how difficult it is to get the exact shade you have in mind when you picture your perfect nude lip. For me, a lot of nude shades are too brown-toned and make me look like I've been dug up. Or then there's the shimmery nudes, which, let's be honest look horrific on everyone. Or what about the flat, matte nudes that make even non-flaky lips look scaly and dry? I can't even recount the amount of cash I've wasted over the years on unsuitable nude lippies - in fact, I started just wearing lip balm instead. And then BareMinerals brought out the Gen Nude Collection and - yup, I had my head turned.

There are four products in the range: a lipstick, a matte liquid lipcolour, a gloss and a lip pencil. And there are 40 shades available across the products, ranging from super pale (I'll be steering clear of those) to darker nudes. I tried one of each product type and although the lipstick and lipgloss are nice (both have a pleasant vanilla scent, are smooth to apply and feel comfortable to wear), my favourite product by a clear mile is the Liquid Lipcolour. I have the shade Ju Ju, which is a darker nude that I probably wouldn't have chosen myself, but when I tried it I absolutely loved the fact that although it's nude, it's darker and more dramatic than my usual picks and the matte texture gives it a modern edge. I've not really been a fan of liquid lipsticks since I bought a Bourjois one once which had the most disgusting smell and stringy, sticky texture. This is nothing like that - it has the same nice vanilla scent as the other Gen Nude offerings and a smooth, velvety texture which dries but doesn't dry out the lips. I paired it with the Under Over Lipliner in Vibe which is pretty much a perfect match and neatened the edges up perfectly.

I've now got my eye on a couple of other shades of Matte Liquid Lipcolour - Swank is a deep berry-toned nude which I love the look of, and Bo$$ is described as Dirty Pink Beige, which frankly makes me want it just to I can tell people my lips are...well, Dirty Pink Beige. Despite the number of nude lip products I already own, I don't have any like these, so, obviously, I NEED them. (Heavy hint to Husband inserted here).

Any of the Gen Nude Collection catching your eye?

*thanks to BareMinerals for sending me these products to review.

Silidyn Supplement Review

Let me start by saying that I'm not one for taking supplements. I have tried a few, years ago, but nothing I used seemed to have any impact and I became somewhat cynical about these types of products. Do we really need them? Is it all just a big con to get you to fork out a few quid on something which promises you'll look ten years younger after a week? So, yeah, a bit cynical.

It's been years since I've used any supplements, but back in November I was given the opportunity to try Silidyn, and I thought, heck, why not? I'm a little less cynical nowadays (I hope, anyway), so, Silidyn - what's the deal?

A (Frizzy) Luxe-Lover's Dream - Show Beauty Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Ahhhh, winter. Cosy knits, bobble hats and hot chocolate, I love. Frizzy, dry, dehydrated hair, I do not love.

You know the deal: you're up at some crazy hour, it's still pitch black outside, and you're doing your best to perfect your tresses for the day ahead: waving, smoothing and tszujing (yes, I did have to google that spelling). It looks okay... (from what you can see - why is it that lightbulbs nowadays are crazy-dim?!), then you head out into the icy winter morning to scrape the car, where of course you'll need the heating on full blast for the drive to work - because otherwise you'd simply freeze - then you get to work, look in the mirror and realise your shiny waves have disappeared and you now look like a power-ballad crooning rockstar from the '80s. And '80s rockstar hair certainly has it's place, but 8am on a Monday morning in the office IS NOT IT.