Heavy day? Try Love Your Skin London Arnica Range

So I'm a little bit late with Pamper Sunday this week, since I became obsessed with season 3 of US drama The Killing and proceeded to watch twelve hours of the show more or less back to back, only getting up off the sofa to fetch biscuits and pay the window cleaner. (It's absolutely AMAZING, by the way - if you haven't seen it, get onto Netflix asap). So no time for Pamper on Sunday.

Two sigh-worthy days of work later and I could really use me some pamper. So...Pamper Tuesday works, right?!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I bought a couple of things from Love Your Skin, a London based company. I'd read great things about their products including the fact that they're free from nasty parabens and sodium laurel sulphate. I went for the Arnica Duo which includes Bath & Shower Cleansing Gel and Body Moisturising Gel. Arnica is said to have soothing and healing properties, and these products are recommended for those involved in strenuous activity - that could mean eight hours sat at my desk making spreadsheets couldn't it? - so after a long day at the office I decided to try both out for the first time earlier on.

The Bath & Shower Gel smells divine - not overpowering, just kind of clean and subtle. It doesn't foam up massively which I expected due to the natural ingredients, and I don't mind that at all. Of course I did drift off in the bath and wake up with half of my Jackie Collins sopping wet but never mind.

Next I tried the Moisturising Gel which glides on like a dream and, of course, has the same gorgeous scent. Also there's no stickiness or clamminess like you sometimes find with lotions or body gels. It seems that this is due to the fact that it's water based. Love it!

Best of all, after using both I felt completely relaxed...not quite ready to face another spreadsheet, but calm enough to put up with the Husband's tv choice of back to back Cops episodes. For a couple of hours anyway.

The duo set is £25 at http://lys-london.com/

Pamper Sunday - Nip + Fab skincare bargain :)

I'd seen Nip + Fab skincare in the US a while ago and made a mental note to try it. Then promptly forgot. I randomly remembered a few weeks later and went online to check whether we could buy the range in the UK and in the process came across loads of raving reviews for their products on beauty sites. I was sold, so was over the moon to discover they do indeed sell within the UK.
Nip + Fab was created by Maria Hatzistefanis who is also the creator of the amazing (and pricey!) Rodial beauty range. So you kinda know it's gonna be good.
I initially ordered the Clean Fix Gel, Scrub Fix and Glycolic Fix and after a couple of weeks of using them...wow! Definite improvement in skintone and blemishes. I have combination/oily skin depending on the time of year and it's also quite sensitive so finding a skincare range that actually gives a visible improvement is rare.
I went back onto Nip + Fab's site as soon as my products started to dwindle and discovered an amazing bargain: this Ultimate Skin Fixes Kit which contains 120ml Clean Fix Gel, 50ml Scrub Fix and 15ml Shine Fix for the bargainous price of £7.99. And that's not all! You also get free delivery with all orders and 20% off everything on site for a limited time with code FAB20 ...making the set just £6.39 delivered! I am so going back to try more products. Like, now.
Which skincare products could you not live without? And let me know if you've tried Nip + Fab, or if you're going to try this bargain set :)