New bag courtesy of Shopcade & Cosmopolitan Magazine

I've never been a particularly lucky person, so I was thrilled when, after entering a competition on Twitter, I received an email from a lovely lady at to say I'd won this Kris-Ana bag, which I'd 'liked' on the site:

It arrived a couple of days ago, and had it's first outing yesterday. It's actually not the sort of bag I'd normally choose - for a start it's HUGE, and I'm of the opinion that the bigger your handbag, the more cr*p you will carry around with you. Also it's faux-leather, and I generally go for the real thing. But the style is a little bit Mulberry, (I LOVE Mulberry, having a couple of their bags already) and the colour is a nice punchy mustard yellow, which I like. Oh, and also, it was free. Big plus.

After using it for work, I found that I really like having a big, slouchy bag that I could throw everything into and not worry about it. Although I did worry about finding my keys - there are no inner pockets on the bag so it took me a good five minutes to locate my car keys from the bottom on the way home. See a totally glamorous shot of me in the office canteen below:

I'll definitely use the bag again - probably for work or shopping, but I don't think it's a contender to replace my every-day bag, my East West Bayswater.

If you've not tried Shopcade then you might want to take a look - you can search for pretty much any fashion brand you like and add products to your own personal lists. Shopcade can then let you know when deals are available on your chosen items. It's highly addictive though, so be warned!

So, handbags - what's your preference? Big and slouchy or small and neat?


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