Origins Ginger Body Gloss

I just love the smell of ginger, especially at Christmas - to me it just smells so warm and cosy. I've tried a few Origins products before and, although I liked them, I just wasn't wowed. Then I tried this.

This body gloss goes on so smoothly the only way I can describe it is like liquid silk. It's literally divine. I applied it to damp skin after a shower and it feels so soft! I mentioned the amazing smell, and the bonus with this is that it lasts - I sat watching tv movies for - ahem - a few hours yesterday and kept getting gorgeous whiffs of fresh, gingery loveliness...which I then realized was me! Love it.

If you haven't tried this already I can highly recommend it - I can't wait to try it out on bare legs in the summer as I imagine it will give a beautiful sheen to my (albeit fake) bronzed pins. (The tan will be fake, not the legs - just to clarify).

Orgins Ginger Body Gloss is £17.

Have you tried any Origins products? Anything you'd recommend?
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