Sephora Primal Instincts Eyeshadow Palette - My New Fave :)

I've read loads of reviews raving about the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, and I did consider buying it, since I tend to wear taupey/nudey/brown shadows most days. Then I remembered that I'd asked my mam to pick up this on her recent trip to New York, so I thought I'd wait and see how I got on with this set before buying any more.

I've had one of these Sephora palettes before and loved it. This one is the Primal Instincts Limited Edition version and contains 14 eyeshadows - 12 shimmery shades ranging from a pale neutral to a deep plum, plus a matte black and very dark brown colour. Each of the shadows are totally wearable, and I think would suit various skin tones. I'll get plenty of wear out of the beige, sand and apricot colours by day, and am looking forward to experimenting with the plums and purples for a night out. Bets of all, these shadows are so soft - they blend amazingly well. I usually find with eye palettes that there are one or two shades that I use a lot, whilst the others are untouched. I think everything in this palette will be used. A lot!

If I had a criticism it's be that I'd have liked a lighter matte brown shadow in here for brows - in my other Sephora palette there are two matte brown shades - both lighter than the one here - which I use to fill in my brows pretty much every day. Also, obviously, these palettes are only available from Sephora, and I can't see them on the French site. So, for anyone wanting to try these, it's a case of finding someone (ANYONE!) who is taking a trip to the US in the near future and can swing by Sephora and grab one of these! Totally worth it.

Have you tried any of the Sephora palettes? What do you think?

L xx
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