Stalkers, Crazy Exes, Murderers, General Creepiness? Yes Please! My Best Books of 2013.

So at the beginning of this year I got the opportunity to read and review books for the fabulous Novelicious. These books were mainly romantic women's fiction - chicklit I suppose you'd say. Now, I do like reading these types of books, but I also love other genres, in particular thrillers - and I found reading and reviewing the books for Novelicious quite time consuming, in the sense that I didn't then really get any time to read other books that caught my eye, or - most importantly - spend time working on my own budding novel. So, after six months with Novelicious I bid farewell, and dove back into my own kindle selection. Here is a round up of my favourites....

Forward Slash by Mark Edwards and Louise Voss

Internet dating is a great idea, right? Err....wrong. How do you know that stuff posted on social networking sites is genuine? How do you know it's actually posted by who you think it is? Well, you don't, is the answer. I absolutely loved this modern, fast paced thriller. The subject matter is bang up to date and the story, although gripping and, in parts, chilling, doesn't actually seem that far-fetched. A brilliant read.

The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood

After twenty-five years, two women cross paths during the investigation into some horrific murders in a seaside town. They weren't expecting to ever see each other again - especially under these circumstances - and the terrible secret they both held all these years was deeply buried. Until now. There's great suspense in this book - some of the details are really disturbing yet I had to read on to find out what happened next. I had no idea how the story would - or could - end. I really recommend this book.

Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes

This was actually published in 2011, but I only discovered it this year. It's a story of domestic violence; a disturbing, chilling story that really illustrates how the main character, Catherine's experiences have changed her as a person. I love how the book starts with a transcript from the court case which ultimately takes place following Catherine's abuse. We then learn how Catherine and her former partner Lee met, and the series of events that lead to the time of the court transcript. This was Elizabeth Haynes debut novel and I've since read two more of her books and can't wait for more. Fantastic

Passion For Life by Joan Collins

A bit of a change in genre :) I absolutely love both Jackie and Joan Collins. (Read about my tea with Jackie at the Dorchester here). I saw Joan talking about this book on a chat show and knew I had to get it. Due to the amount of fabulous pictures in this book (and me having an old-style kindle), I ordered the hardback and I was so glad I did. The book chronicles Joan's life: her career, relationships and famous friends. There's nothing new in here in terms of gossip, but I loved the gorgeous photos that accompany each stage of her story. In particular one B.EAUTIFUL shot of Joan and Warren Beatty from the early sixties. The glamour!

So that's my book round up. I've read literally dozens of books this year but these ones really stand out for me. I can't wait to read more next year!

What have been your standout books of 2013? Let me know if there's something you'd recommend!

L xx
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