All Things Bright & Beautiful - Kate Spade

The last few times I've visited the US I've made a beeline for the nearest Kate Spade store. Walking into KS is like stepping onto a brightly coloured cloud and floating through a whimsical handbag dream world. I blimmin' love it.

Kate Spade Las Vegas
Sorry for the crappy photo but how cute is this! Handbag Grabber at Kate Spade Las Vegas
Kate Spade Las Vegas
Gorgeous dresses in the window of the Las Vegas store
 I've visited a few Kate Spade stores as well as some of their outlets, which is where I've bagged my best bargains. Often, there will be additional discounts on top of the already reduced prices - on our recent trip to Texas we visited the Premium Outlets in Houston, and as I skipped through the door into Kate Spade the sales assistant handed me a coupon for an additional 40% off everything in store. I could have kissed her. I didn't, though. Instead, I carried out my own version of Supermarket Sweep, grabbing handbags, purses and scarves willy-nilly and piling them into the Husband's outstretched arms. I'm proud to say, I was actually quite restrained. I had my sensible head on (which I'm now kicking myself about), so decided to limit myself to one bag, one purse and a couple of accessories.

M'y final purchases were a purple New Bond Street Florence satchel, a cute 'Stepping Out For Lunch' pouch, a cream leather Wellesley purse and a black and white spade print scarf. And...*whispers* the whole lot came to less than $250. Yes, I am a total douche for not buying more.

Luckily my family are well aware of my KS love so I also got a couple of bits and pieces for Christmas - a silver bangle with 'Find the Silver Lining- engraved onto the disc and a mug with my initial on. I love the simplicity yet quirkiness of both.  
So this is one brand that I think is set to become more and more popular here in the UK - it's been loved in the US for a good few years now and literally every other girl in I saw in Houston was carrying a gorgeous Kate Spade handbag. How can you not love it? I mean, even the dustbags are cute:

Are you a Kate Spade fan? Do you have your eye on anything special from there this year?


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