Boots 70% Off Sale

Seasoned sale shoppers will know that today is the day (third Wednesday in January) when Boots traditionally start their further sale markdowns. Even though every year I say I won't buy anything during the 50% sale, which goes live online on Christmas eve and instore on 27th December, I usually do. It's that sense of panic at potentially missing out on a bargain that makes me do it. And when there are further reductions, it's even worse.

So usually Boots reduce to 75% at this point of their sale, but this year, it's only 70%. A small difference in some ways, but a huge difference to Boots' profits. Either way, 70% off is too good to miss, surely? (Even though all of the Christmas items were 3 for 2 prior to Christmas, so if I was being totally pedantic I'd say it's actually a 41% reduction since you were originally getting a third off anyway, potentially).

Anyway, I had a couple of spare hours this morning so thought I'd take a trundle to the Metrocentre to browse. And just, you know, see what was going on at the Boots sale. (It was slim pickings online earlier).

I arrived at 9am and WOW. For a moment I wondered if I'd got it wrong and Boots were actually giving stuff away.

There was still quite a lot left but as the shop was so busy it was hard to get down each aisle. I had blatantly ignored the first rule of 'sensible' sale shopping and not given any thought whatsoever to what I wanted to buy in advance. Somewhere in my brain a little voice whispered that I needed shampoo, so I managed to pick up a Toni and Guy set with shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and a comb in for £4.20 - much cheaper than the products would have been on their own. There were a few Joules bits and pieces which I love so I  chose a hand wash and lotion set which I think will look pretty in the bathroom, and I also spotted a really cute ceramic storage jar filled with sweets for my kitchen. I experienced a nano second of husband-guilt so grabbed him a Champney's shower gel set too.

I surprised even myself by then taking my modest amount of purchases downstairs to the quieter tills and paying before I could change my mind and charge back upstairs to buy more. Being honest, it wasn't so much the fact that I didn't need more stuff (because of course, I don't) but more that I'd have to carry everything back to the car, and I just didn't have the energy!

What's happened to me?! Have I become immune to the charms of a 70% off sign in a shop window?!, actually. Because as I type this I am considering popping out later to another Boots. Just to...err...look.

Did you visit the Boots sale? Did you manage to bag any bargains?
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