MyBeautyCompare Review

Like a few other bloggers, I was asked to post about my thoughts on a new site recently launched, Let me just say that this review is completely honest (as are all my reviews!) and I've not read any other beauty bloggers' reviews yet so my opinions are all completely my own. Right! Let's get started.

So, MyBeautyCompare says it personalises beauty recommendations to find the best products for your skin and hair type. The idea is that you then spend less time trying to find the right products for you, and don't waste money on products that are not suitable. Like most of us, I usually buy products based on either manufacturer's claims or other people's recommendations (which doesn't always work with beauty products, since no two peoples' skin/hair etc are exactly the same), so this is an interesting concept for me.

When you first join the site, you need to fill in a short questionnaire about your skin type and concerns, eye colour, hair etc. You then get an email confirmation which you need to click through to rejoin the site. I did all this, and arrived on this landing page:

So I immediately clicked on the pink 'Get Started' button, and a new window opened, with...err...exactly the same page on. Hmm.

I thought I'd try looking for a foundation, since I'm always on the hunt for that HG product and I'd find recommendations in this area really helpful. So I used the menu at the top of the page to navigate to makeup and then foundations, which led me here:

So at the top I can see some foundations recommended for my skin type. Since the site is still new there are no reviews for these particular foundations yet, so I can't see whether any of the products might meet my long list of foundation demands - good coverage, long lasting, radiant, non pore clogging etc etc. I did click on a couple of the products to get more info but all I got was this:


After clicking through a few more I found that some do have info behind, like this Clinique one:

So it tells me a bit about the product, the price and where I can buy it (with a link), as well as reviews from other users (although there are none for this particular product yet).

Thinking about how many beauty products are on the market it's not surprising that some parts of the site are still 'in progress', so to speak. There are categories for everything from bronzer to perfume to nail polish remover so plenty to look through. I tested out the search engine by inputting some lesser known brands that I'm keen to try this year, like Rouge Bunny Rouge and Dr Ceuticals, and was pleased to see a range of their products come up on the search.

I started browsing through the rest of the site and discovered some other really useful things like video tutorials (LOVE the leopard nails!) and a 'Meet the Experts' page introducing the seven faces involved in the site (all well known, highly respected beauty industy insiders).

I spent a good hour just browsing through the site and, although it's obviously in it's infancy at the moment, there is still a lot of good stuff on there. For me the most useful part of the site will be the recommendations and reviews, so once the site is being more widely used and more reviews are posted it will really start to take shape I think. There are a few little niggles, as I've mentioned above, but hopefully these will also be ironed out.

For me, the one big makeup review site I currently use is MakeupAlley, purely for it's vast network of users which means that pretty much every product, no matter how obscure, is on there. I do, however find it quite difficult to navigate if you're not searching for a specific product but just browsing for recommendations. So in that respect, I think MyBeautyCompare could, once it's a bit more 'used', be a real contender in this area.

Have you tried the site yet? What do you think?

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