#PamperSunday - Yankee Love

Rewind to around 6 months ago, and a conversation with the girls at work that went something like this:

Them: We love Yankee Candles. We can't get enough. Let's buy more!
Me: But what's so good about them? They ARE only candles.

Oh, what a fool I was.

So I had avoided the whole Yankee Candle phenomenon for a good few years up until that point - I had far better things to spend £20 on, like nail polish and Percy Pigs. I'd heard people rave about them, of course, but just avoided any actual contact myself for fear of being taken in. Rather like a cult, really. Anyway, after the aforementioned convo, I decided to give in and order a couple of wax melts and a burner, just to see what all the fuss was about. The first one I tried was Soft Blanket, and it was something of a revelation to discover that I no longer had to suffer the horrific, lingering smell of the Husband's left over kebab on a Saturday night, and instead I could relax in the aroma of a clean, fresh living room. I was converted.

From then on finding the best bargains on Yankees became a daily task for me and the girls at work. Orders were placed on various sites as we came across increasingly good deals (best we found was approx. £8.50 for a large jar, during a glitch on www.yankee.co.uk.), breaks were spent sniffing new purchases, and the blokes who sit near us declared they never wanted to hear the words 'Yankee' and 'Candle' ever again.

I definitely think I prefer warm, sweet smells, like Strawberry Buttercream and Fireside Treats, or fresh, clean scents like Soft Blanket and Fluffy Towels. I can't believe I resisted Yankees for so long, and then got sucked in like a black hole. I still have a sneaking suspicion that the wax contains some sort of mind-altering drug, designed to get me hooked on the amazing smells. But whatever, I'll go with it.

Are you a Yankee Addict? What are your fave scents?
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