#ThrowbackThursday - Childhood Movie Faves

Were you an '80s kid? Can you remember Sunday afternoons, lying on the rug in front of the fire, propped up on your elbows with your feet crossed watching American movies on the 19 inch Grundig telly?

As an adult, my love of  '80s movies is still going strong - I find them comforting in an 'all is right with the world' kind of way. Especially when I'm feeling a bit under the weather. So, since I've been ill for the last few days I decided to curl up under the duvet and take full advantage of the fuzzy good naturedness of some of my childhood favourites.

Teen Wolf
As a kid, I absolutely loved the possibility of a teenage boy discovering that he is, in fact, a werewolf; a hereditary condition passed  down from his father.
Michael J Fox is one of my favourite actors of the '80s (starring in the greatest movie of all time, Back To the Future, which I've left out of this list due to it's completely obvious awesomeness, which everyone is totally aware of, so therefore no need to include).
Call me childish, but I also love that Scott's best friend Stiles wears a 'What Are You Looking At, Dicknose?' t shirt during the movie.
Best moment - Scott, having gone full wolf for the first time, opening the bathroom door and coming face to face with his dad, who's also transformed - but looks more squirrel than wolf.

*Sigh*...Andrew McCarthy. Was he the perfect '80s leading man? Apart from the errmmmm...having relations with a plastic mannequin, obvs. But no, wait! She's real! She came to life! And it's all so magical. I read the movie was filmed in Pennsylvania but watching it, I had visions of vast, glossy New York department stores filled with wonderful things I would be able to afford loads of when I was grown up (I've always had the shopping gene).
Best moment - when Jonathan and Emmy ride through the city on his motorbike, whilst Starship's 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' plays. All right, all right, I'll stop.

I defy you to find anyone who doesn't love this. If there was ever a warning to be careful what you wish for, this movie is it. The only disappointing thing about Big is that as you get older, you realise that a brilliantly paid job playing with new toys in your own luxury office does not feature AT ALL in your fifth form 'career guide' booklet.
Best moment - special mention, of course, goes to the bit where Josh plays Chopsticks with MacMillan on the giant floor piano in the toyshop. But for me, it's the moment where Susan drops Josh back off at his mom's house, as a grown man, then looks away for a second. When she looks back up, Josh is a 12 year old boy. Don't tell me you didn't shed a tear!

What are your favourite childhood 'comfort' movies?


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