#ThrowbackThursday - Sweet Valley High

In the late '80s, my Saturdays looked something like this: get up, wander up to local shop for 10p mix-up, pop into library to pick up dog-eared copy of latest Sweet Valley High book, come home, curl up on cabin bed with said book and sweets for rest of day. Perfect!

Looking back at some of the covers. Errrrmmm...
Pretty much everyone I knew read the Sweet Valley High books. Bearing in mind that I went to a local junior school where the most exotic thing that ever happened was the French exchange programme, the lives of teenage Californian twins seemed impossibly glam. I can't recall much about what happened in the books, other than the usual teenage angst, where everything was all ok in the end, without a hair out of place. To refresh my memory, I had a little peek at the Sweet Valley high page on Wikepedia, and came across the following which made me smile:

'Criticisms include: The twins and a majority of their high school peers being unrealistically beautiful, and physically perfect, without suffering from greasy hair, body odor, weight issues, acne and other typical teenage problems. However, Robin Wilson was overweight, Peter De Haven was described as having acne, and Betsy Martin had greasy hair.'

So, just like all of us, then.

On my trip down memory lane, I noticed that there have been further books published in the last couple of years - Sweet Valley Confidential revisits the twins ten years later, and it seems things aren't so rosy any more. In fact, Jessica's run off with Elizabeth's fella, so it's all kicked off. I can't help but wonder if this particular plot is in response to the criticism mentioned on Wikepedia. Whatever, I'm totally calling to the Spar for a Curly Wurly then hitting the sofa with this bad boy on my kindle.
Did you ever read the Sweet Valley High books?


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