Top TV of 2013. It's errmm...a few days late.

I started thinking about this post a few days ago, and was all ready to post it the day before NYE. Then I didn't, and just ate Icy Cups and watched The Office Christmas Special instead.
So! My tv tastes are varied - like my books, I love thrillers, good dramas and programmes where the women carry amazing handbags (I'm thinking Kerry Washington in Scandal). So, with that in mind, my top picks for last year (last year! It still feels odd saying it) were:
Breaking Bad
I joined this party late – like, this Summer. Breaking Bad has been going since 2008 but this year suddenly became huge; the subject of many a discussion at work and down the pub. I avoided it for a while, not sure why, then the husband and I decided to watch the first couple of episodes, ‘just to see’, and I was BLOWN. AWAY. Never has a television show kept me as enthralled as BB. Walter White starts out as a likeable (if a little pathetic) main character, then throughout the show we see him discover he has a terminal illness, and make decisions for the good of his family’s future that change everything. The acting in BB is truly immense; the standout for me is Aaron Paul as Jesse, the former student Walter approaches to help him in achieving his plan. Watching the story unfold over five series is absorbing and I watched from beginning to end with a feeling of dread, knowing that when it ended, it would only really go one way. The Husband and I watched every single episode of BB over a two week period, cancelling plans to go out (if that was you, I’m sorry, but you get it, right?!) so we could see it through to the end. It really is that good.


I cannot say this enough – if you do not/have not watched Southland, go here and do so immediately! This show is everything I love and more – a superbly shot, gritty cop drama set in LA – and believe me, this is not an LA you’d want to visit in a hurry. This year saw the fifth and final season of SouthLAnd shown in the US (and the good people at Channel 4 tell me it will be shown here in early 2014) and to say I was disappointed when it was announced that US network TNT would not be making any more is a complete understatement.  
I’m not joking when I say that watching SouthLAnd, I sometimes forgot it was a dramatisation and became fully immensed in the story  - it's uncomfortable viewing in parts, but so gripping that you have to keep watching.
Possibly the most underrated cop show ever.
All singin', all dancin', all American goodness is right here in Nashville. I bloomin' love it. Rayna James and Juliette Barnes are both successful country stars - Rayna has been at the top of her game for many years (think Shania Twain), whilst Juliette's star is still on the up (she's like a sort of evil Taylor Swift). The show follows their lives as they bitch-fight each other to the top of the country music game.
Nashville also features Charles Esten as Deacon (Google him! Google him!) and it's worth watching for him alone. His acting skills, obviously. And the accent he has on here. (Oh my!).

I realised my picks so far have all been American, so last but definitely not least:
Olivia Coleman is AWESOME (I've thought so ever since I saw her cameo as a journalist interviewing David Brent in The Office) and she certainly doesn't disappoint in this three part ITV drama. When a young boy is found dead in a seaside town, the small community suddenly becomes embroiled in suspicion and accusations. As the police investigate, some disturbing information starts to come to light.
I've heard a second series is planned for later on this year - hooray!


What were your top tv picks of 2013?
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