Yves Saint Laurent Poudre Compacte Radiance

Behold, the beauty of this lovely gold shiny thing!  
I’ve needed a new powder compact for a while, and originally had my eye on this Tom Ford creation, until I saw the £55 price tag (gulp). So whilst in Edinburgh recently I decided to treat myself and had a peek around the beauty hall in Harvey Nicks to see which other powder compacts caught my eye. I will admit: when it comes to compacts, it’s pretty much all about how it looks. No minimalism here, thank you! (I was browsing the Armani counter first, but their compact powder just wasn’t bling enough for me). Oh, also, the powder needs to be translucent (so it sets make up, rather than giving colour), mattifying, super-fine and provide me with a healthy, radiant glow. Not asking much, am I?

Anyway, I do love YSL cosmetics – along with Chanel and Dior, it’s probably my favourite super-luxe beauty brand. I already use the Touch Eclat daily (make that hourly over the festive period – lots of food, drink and socialising equals huge under eye bags L) and the gold packaging just looks beautiful. Sold!
So, this compact comes boxed with a black velvet pouch to keep the compact in, along with a sponge. The compact is obviously gold, with a small red YSL logo on the top. The powder inside is so soft – it actually feels like velvet itself on the skin. The consultant told me the powder is translucent (tick), and when I tried it on my getting-a-bit-worn-looking makeup, it seemed to erase any shine (tick!) and even make my skin glow slightly – not in an oily way, but in a fresh, just-leaped-through-a-summer-meadow way (BIG tick!). Ok, I may be exaggerating slightly there, but it definitely gave a glow.
I’ve been using the product for about a week now and can honestly say it’s probably the best compact I’ve had for my combination skin. Although it mattifies it doesn’t cake, which I really like too.
So, any negatives? Well – just one actually! The compact, beautiful and gold and shiny as it is,  is a tinker for getting covered in fingerprints. I did kind of expect this though, so I won’t complain. I’ll just keep getting it out of my bag, to polish it. And look at it. J
What’ your favourite compact? Have you tried any YSL cosmetics?
L xx
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