Boutique Bowling & Heavenly Eats at Lane7 Newcastle

I really wanted to try Lane7 after chatting to Rachel from the brilliant Life in Geordieland on Twitter. The Husband's birthday was approaching, so we were looking for somewhere to go to celebrate. As soon as I'd shown him the menu online, he was in.

So, Lane7 is described as 'Boutique Bowling'. The venue has eight lanes, as well as ping pong, American pool and karaoke. Now, I haven't been bowling since I was fifteen, for a few reasons:
1) I'm terrible at it
2) Bowing alleys are usually full of teenagers doing....teenagery things
3) Bowling shoes have to be the most unflattering footwear, EVER.

However, when we walked into Lane7 I could immediately see that it's not your usual bowling venue. There are two floors - the ground floor houses four of the walnut bowling lanes as well as the restaurant and a bar. Upstairs: four more lanes, another bar, pool and ping pong tables.

The best way I can think to describe the décor is kind of industrial Americana - vintage yet modern all at once. We were welcomed as we arrived and shown to our table in the restaurant - a cool round aqua blue leather booth which I loved as it put me in mind of a modern day Happy Days. I'd already scoured the menu online and decided I'd have the Pulled Pork Bun with fries - and I was so glad I did. It was Uh. May. Zing. The Husband ordered the Chilli Pimp Dog which looked equally scrummy - although I didn't get a sniff of that. Sadly, I was driving so couldn't try one of the alcoholic milkshakes. I consoled myself with a White Chocolate Cookie Crumble Sundae which really was as good as it sounds.

After finishing our food I could have done with a nap, really, but we were keen to try the boutique bowling experience, so we headed upstairs to our lane. I can confirm that, even though the bowling shoes at Lane7 are nothing like the stinky, grubby footwear I remember from my teenage bowling years, they are still not my best look. I wasn't sure I'd enjoy the bowling, knowing how bad I was as it, but actually I really enjoyed it, even though I broke a nail. Although I'm still a terrible bowler, it seems the Husband is even worse, as I wooped his ass. Result!

So all in all - we had a great time. I'd really like to go back to try the ping pong and pool (and those alcoholic shakes) so I'm sure we'll return soon.

Let me know if you've visited Lane7 yet!


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