It's a Hair Thing - Go Big or Go Home

For a few years now it seems hair has been all about big, bouncy waves. I'm pretty happy about this, as the poker-straight trend that went before was so unflattering. What were we thinking?! Anyway, much as I love the whole big hair thing, it can be hard to master, particularly if, like me, you have fine hair that DOES NOT WANT TO BEHAVE. So Annoying.

I've tried pretty much everything in my quest for the perfect volumised wave, and have come across a few products and tools that I find really work for me.

First things first - a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to give hair a bouncy boost - my picks here are from the Charles Worthington Salon At Home range. I'm not going to lie, I haven't found a shampoo and conditioner that I feel has really made a huge difference to how volumised my hair is when used on their own, but I figured working them into my hair routine definitely can't hurt. Covering all bases, I suppose you could call it. Anyway, I really like the smell of the Charles Worthington products, and the shampoo claims to remove impurities and product build up in the hair which I think it does, actually. The conditioner is quite light too, so stops waves dropping too quickly.

I don't like using many styling products to get my hair how I want it, as I find using too much has the opposite effect and makes my hair go flat quite quickly. Until recently I'd never found a mousse or spray that gave me enough root volume with only a small amount; then I discovered TIGI Bedhead Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray. Aside from smelling like a cocktail (mmhmm), this product give amazing hold and volume. I don't have to use too much either, so my hair doesn't feel sticky. I found the best way to use this is to spray directly onto damp roots them blow dry with a concentrator nozzle and a large round brush - the biggest I could find was this Head Jog Pink Ceramic Large Barrel Brush 80 and it does the trick perfectly.

Next up is the Babyliss Big Hair Styler.I've had this for about two years now and when I first got it, I just thought it was kinda meh. It seemed to take an age to dry my hair with it, and I just wasn't getting the volume at the roots I was hoping for. I abandoned it for about six months, then decided to try using it in a slightly different way. I now dry my hair to about 80% with the hairdryer and large barrel brush, then reach for this to finish it off. That way I find I get better volume at the roots from the dryer, then smoothness and a slight wave from the Big Hair styler.

As I mentioned, any volume in my hair just seems to drop almost immediately, so to combat this I use my Babyliss Root Boost on the lower layers of hair. If anyone else has this, you'll know not to make the mistake I did when I first used it, and crimp sections too close to the top layers of hair, which just looked weird. On the top sections, I just backcomb a teeny bit with a thin brush (mine came in a Charles Worthington gift set and works perfectly) or alternatively, set the shorter layers in Velcro rollers if I have a few hours to spare. Then, to finish I just set with a quick spray of hairspray, like Gum Maxi Spray (which I can't seem to find online), and I'm done!

Now, the obvious thing to do here would be to post a picture of my hair mahoosified. However I a) can't find one and b) hate posting pics of myself on here!

What are your big hair tips?

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