January's 'I came, I saw, I bought' List.

I really was intending to not buy anything I didn't NEED in January, but really, what a ridiculous time to do it. Right after Christmas; bargains here, there and everywhere - I was doomed to fail, wasn't I? So I won't feel too guilty about the fact that I picked up some uh-may-zing purchases last month. My highlights were....

M&S Autograph Premium Black Suede Shoe Boots

I think I got lucky with these. I was just passing (honest, guv) and saw them, looking lonely on a shelf surrounded by fluffy slippers. Realising they were my size, I decided to try them on, just out of interest. They'd probably be horribly uncomfortable, I thought. A passing sales assistant commented how nice they looked, and asked if they were comfy. I replied truthfully, that they were actually extremely comfortable, and felt a bit like walking on a (terribly stylish, gold-heeled) cloud. Seems this is due to the Insolia technology. As these boots are from the Autograph premium range, they had an original selling price of £109 (gulp!) but the sale sticker on the sole told me they were now £16.99. SOLD! When I took them to the till, the assistant told me they actually had the wrong price on, and should have been £43, but since they'd been marked down incorrectly I could have them for the lower price. Shoe fate, I'd say.

Stila Snow Angel Colour Palette

I ordered this online in the Stila sale for the princely sum of £7.37. Yes, £7.37. I was literally mashing the keyboard with my fingers in my haste to input my card details and get this beauty winging it's way to me. The palette contains 18 eye shadows, 12 cheek colours and a mini mascara, which is beyond amazing for the price. I've been using the palette for the last couple of weeks and I freakin' love it. The shadows are all pretty neutral shades and blend so well - admittedly some better than others - and, since I'm usually a Nars Orgasm Blush kinda gal, this palette has allowed me to try out blusher shades I never would have bought otherwise.

You can see my other Stila sale bargain buys here

Joules Ledgbury Coat

I've been looking for a nice warm down-filled coat for ages, and as I love Joules stuff anyway, this one caught my eye online as it has a nice belt and furry hood. Then I discovered that it comes with a small bag which you can pack the coat away into - amazing! I thought this would be perfect for travelling as it wouldn't take up too much space, and is really light. Also, since it's relatively thin but still warm, it's great for winter shopping, meaning I don't get all hot and flustered in shops wearing big thick layers. What's not to love?! This was reduced from £189 to £89, so still quite pricey, but considering it's a down coat and should last me a few years, it's a good investment buy, I think.

Calvin Klein Downtown 50ml Set

I don't often buy myself perfume - it's one of those things I usually get as a present for birthdays or Christmas, but when I spotted this set for £16 in the Boots sale I snapped it up. I first smelled this fragrance in the US last year when a lady in Macy's gave me a sample. It's a really soft, subtle scent which I think smells both modern yet classic at the same time. Every time I smell it now, I'm transported back to my Texas trip, which is why I bought it. I don't know anyone else who wears it either, which I like.

Oasis Floral Bodycon Dress

I'm still a bit nervous about the whole bodycon thing, even though I've read about how super flattering the style is meant to be - I'm just not totally convinced. I tend to shy away from anything that's really tight or fitted but when I spotted this dress on Oasis' website for £10, I thought it might be worth a try. The ruching down the front is really flattering, and stops the dress feeling like it's showing off every lump and bump. I like the winter floral print too, the colours are pretty and it could be worn for day or night. I haven't actually worn this yet but think I will this weekend.

What were your best buys in January?


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