LFW '14 Looks - #NextLFWOutfit

So....I'm still not going to London fashion Week. Sigh. I'm not giving up hope just yet though - there's still time for an invite to ping into my inbox. In the meantime, I'll console myself with putting together another fabulous outfit...you know, just in case.

Everything here is from Next.


Black High Back Sandals £28
Black Bow Jumpsuit £65
Gunmetal Snake Chain Necklace £12
Ochre Weave Boxy Clutch Bag £24
Black and Ochre Floral Print Scarf £16
Define Eau De Parfum 100ml £12
Large Tortoiseshell effect sunglasses £10
Longline Blazer £60

I chose a jumpsuit because....well, I'm just not really a jumpsuit kinda gal. I see them on other people, and think they look awesome. And I so want to be a jumpsuit kinda gal. So, in a world where I'm invited to London Fashion Week, I think I will be.
The jacket I think will be nice over the jumpsuit, sort of manly-chic. I love that it's longer in length (covers the bum! Result!)
Add the heels for a bit of height - and these are a lovely classic style; a bright clutch (I. WANT. THIS. NOW.), a scarf to tie in the colour of the bag with the rest of the outfit, a spritz of some lovely perfume and some sunglasses. Obviously, I'll totally be wearing shades. Just because.

What do you think?

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