Luxury in the Lakes - the Molton Brown Suite at the Daffodil Hotel, Grasmere

Love luxurious surroundings, the perfect countryside setting and an endless supply of indulgent body products? If so, you might want to check out the amazing Molton Brown Suite at the Daffodil Hotel and Spa in Grasmere.

Now although the Lakes are obviously not in the North East (duh!) it's a fairly easy drive to get over there from Newcastle...well, it is when the weather's good. When I drove over this weekend the roads were horrendous due to all the rain we've had, at one point I thought my little 500 would be swallowed up by a giant puddle. I'm not sure who was more relieved when we arrived at the hotel - me (who'd been screaming most of the way) or the Husband (who'd been listening to me screaming most of the way).

We arrived a little early so wandered into a very wet Grasmere for cake (much needed) and coffee before heading back up to the hotel.

The Daffodil Hotel is in a beautiful setting right by the lake at Grasmere, a short walk from the village. It's a plush, modern hotel which has only been open since 2012 so everything is still fairly new and shiny. We stayed at the Daffodil last year and really enjoyed it; I've been dying to go back ever since, so when I saw that the hotel currently has a Half Price Sunday Offer we booked up immediately! The last time I was there one of the things I loved about the place was the fact that you get Molton Brown toiletries in your room (it really is the little things!) and when I heard there was an actual suite completely dedicated to my favourite luxury bath and body brand, I knew that I HAD to try it!

On arrival we were shown to our suite, which consisted of a sitting room, separate bedroom and bathroom with the biggest, most complicated looking shower/bath I've ever seen. The Duty Manager did explain how to work everything but I didn't hear a word as I was too busy eyeing up all of the gorgeous Molton Brown products around the place. Once she'd left, The Husband and I ran and put on the white robes and slippers provided and danced with excitement around the suite. It really was beautiful - super modern with Juliet balconies in both the sitting room and the bedroom, and fabulous views over the vale of Grasmere. The bed was absolutely mahoosive, and I couldn't decide which I loved most - the fabulous shoe cushions (WANT) or the towel elephant holding a Molton Brown gift box containing two full size body washes for us (Pink Pepperpod for me, Black Peppercorn for Him). Squeal!

There was a knock at the door from a nice lady bringing us cocktails (I'd love to make this a regular Sunday afternoon occurrence) which were absolutely delicious, although I can't remember what she said was in them. It was kind of a blackberry/lime sort of thing and I could have drunk several more!

Staying in the Molton Brown suite means that you not only get goodies to take home, but also a choice of products to use during your stay. I decided to try out the space-age shower which had several different water jets, a steam function and a Jacuzzi (literally amazing. The Husband and I agreed that we need to start saving for one for our house, like now). After half an hour in a Ylang Ylang (my favourite) scented Jacuzzi I was definitely ready for a power nap before dinner!

We ate in the restaurant which was delicious, and after a few more cocktails we went back up to the suite to discover boxes of chocolate truffles on our pillows as well as a cute Molton Brown mini-gift containing eye cream, lip balm and hand salve.

After we'd had our (again, delicious) breakfast in the morning, and I'd worked out that we probably couldn't afford to give up our jobs and live in the suite permanently, it was time for us to reluctantly gather up all our goodies and head home.

Sadly we didn't have time to try the hotel spa on this visit (and I've heard it is amazing) but no doubt we will be back at the Daffodil very soon - hopefully in the summer when the weather's a bit better! I would highly recommend the hotel and in particular the Molton Brown suite for the perfect relaxing luxury retreat.

Have you stayed at the Daffodil or tried the Molton Brown Suite?


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