#PamperSunday - It's A Hair Thing! Award Worthy Waves

My favourite BAFTA look this year - by a mile- was that of Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko. She was wearing a beautiful mermaid-like Burberry dress and had the most PERFECT nude makeup, but the one thing that really set off her whole look was her hair. Shiny, loose curls are my absolute favourite going-out look - so simple yet super glam! Olga's hair is a perfect example.

Pic From Google
 Pic From Google

Now, I've been trying to achieve the perfect volumised shiny curl for literally YEARS now, with a variety of different products and tools, and although I can definitely not rock a centre parting like Olga, I have finally found a way to recreate soft curls like hers - or as close as I'm ever going to get, anyway!

First things first -  a really good shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to make hair shine. My hair tends to go fluffy and dull so when I discovered Charles Worthington Shine Booster Shampoo and conditioner I did a little happy dance. This stuff leaves my hair looking and feeling sleek but not limp, like some shine-enhancing products can. Hooray! CW actually did Olga's hair on BAFTA night, so this is even more fitting!

I then use L'Oreal Elnett Volume Heat Protection Spray all over my towel dried hair and blow dry with my head upside down. Once it's about 50% dry I reach for my trusty Babyliss Big Hair Brush to finish drying, as it gives a nice smooth and bouncy finish.

Next I clip up the top sections and get to work with my Babyliss Glamour Waves Tong. I've had this for a while and am actually now not sure what I'd do without it. It has adjustable heat settings so if I want very loose waves I'll use the coolest setting; for tighter curls, the hottest. As my hair is fine and any wave or curl tends to drop quite quickly, I use the hottest setting, with another spritz of heat protection spray for extra hold. I take two-inch sections all around the bottom of my hair and curl them away from my face with the tong, then do the same on the top sections. As my hair is layered, I just curl the ends of the shortest layers so that I don't get a strange halo of tight curls around the top of my head (yes, I have made this mistake before!).

Once I've done my whole head, I leave the curls to cool for five minutes or so, then brush through with my Tangle Teezer. I know you're probably thinking 'WHAAAT! DON'T BRUSH OUT THE CURLS!!' but, trust me, this works! The Tangle Teezer seems to make the curls look more natural and glossy. Spritz with a bit of hairspray and you're good to go! I follow this routine quite often now and the curls actually last all day. Result!

Apologies for the awkward selfie, but this gives you an idea of the finished hair:

What's your favourite glamorous hair look?
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