Boys Do Make Passes....Total Specs Appeal

I can still remember the day I was told I'd have to wear glasses. I was seven, and I thought my life was literally over. Wearing glasses, I thought back then, was the worst thing in the world (I was wrong, as I discovered a few days later: wearing an eye patch at school to try to correct a lazy eye was actually the worst thing in the world. Fact).

Anyway, since then I've had a *few* years to get used to the idea, although I still hated wearing glasses right up to my late teens. It's only over the last few years, when glasses have become a lot more trendy, that I've started to actually quite like wearing them. Annoying as it was, ten years ago or so when you'd see people in bars wearing thick black frames with no lenses in them, I was secretly pleased that specs were finally 'in'. I was ahead of the fashion pack, for once!!!

 I haven't bought glasses on the high street for years - although I still get my eyes tested regularly, and I often browse shops for styles that catch my eye - I always buy my specs online. They are much cheaper in general, and often there are additional offers, too.

Of course, the cons are that you can't just try on loads of pairs to find your favourite before buying(some websites do allow you to send off for frames to try, then send back, but obviously this takes a few days) and you also have to input all of your prescription info into your order yourself - any mistakes and your specs will be unsuitable.

I still prefer to buy mine online though, the (much) cheaper prices swing it for me (more to spend on shoes, lipsticks, cupcakes etc) plus some brands and styles I've seen online aren't available in shops. Here are some of my current picks:

673 by Michael Kors at Glasses Direct - £125 including lenses

These are such a classic style. I always go for brown or tortoiseshell as opposed to black frames as I think it's more soft and flattering, especially on paler skin. And, these are Kors, so are automatically super-stylish. I've used Glasses Direct before and they were fab.

Kate Spade Liesel in Horn Yellow from Lensway £99.99 including lenses

I have professed my love for all things Kate Spade previously and that goes for her specs too. I love the classic-with-a-quirky-twist style of these which is KSNY all over. And citron is such a hot colour for Spring/Summer. Perfect! I have some Kate Spade glasses I got from Lensway and I absolutely love them. Lensway often have offers on too.

London Retro Circle in Purple/Pink at Glasses Direct £95 including lenses

How cute are these! My seven year old self might have felt a bit better about wearing specs if they looked like this. Love that they are London inspired, too.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Beige Havana at Lensway £79 including lenses

These beauties are my absolute favourite. They have lips on! LIPS! I cannot describe how much I love these. I am so tempted to order a pair, but I really shouldn't be spending. Or should I? After all, glasses are hardly a luxury, even if they are the most gorgeous MJ frames I ever did see....

Do you wear glasses, and if so, where do you buy them? What do you think of these styles?

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