Girl v. Cake... Part One

Bad day at work? Argument with a stranger over a parking space that you TOTALLY saw first? Scraped the leather off the back of the heels of your brand new Kurt Geigers on a wonky paving stone??!


Don't get mad! Eat cake!

Cake makes everything better. Cake - especially when enjoyed with a steaming hot cuppa - is the answer to everything.

Over the last week or so, I've been on something of a cakeathon. I've been searching far and wide (well - as far as I could get on my little Fiat 500's last bar of petrol) for the finest cakes known to man girl. A journey, you could say; an emotional one (well, I was quite emotional when I finished the last bite of Millionaire's Cheesecake).

Here's a selection of the delights I've scoffed recently...all in the name of research, obvs.

White Chocolate Blondie at Sweet Sensations , Metrocentre, Gateshead.

After chatting to New Girl In Toon, Chloe, during one of the gazillion Twitter blogger chats and discovering our mutual love for baked goods, we arranged to meet at the Metrocentre for a Cake Date. Since the Metrocentre is so local to me, I'm usually in and out without ever stopping for food, so I'm ashamed to say I haven't really explored Metrocentre's cake options. Sweet Sensations is in The Antiques Village (not sure if they still actually call it that, but as most of you know, I'm old school) and has a huge glass cabinet at the door filled with cakey goodness. I went for the White Chocolate Blondie, which was gooey and delicious...although if I'd thought it through I'd probably have chosen something that photographs a little better, as I'm aware it looks kind of like a pile of doughy mush covered in sprinkles on this pic.

Cranberry Cheesecake at Brockbushes , Corbridge, Northumberland.

Is it bad that whenever I go the Brockbushes (a pick-your-own-fruit farm a few miles from Newcastle, with a cute local produce shop and tea room) I look for the BIGGEST piece of cake they have? I mean, if you're going to do it, you might as well do it, right? Anyway, on this particular visit I spied the frankly ginormous Cranberry Cheesecake and to be honest with you it had my name all over it. Super-creamy with a tangy topping, this cake was truly delish. And yes, I finished it. The whole super-sized slice. Although I did need to lie down for a while afterwards.

Chocolate Layer Cake and Millionaire's Cheesecake at Sweethart Café , Blackhill, Consett.

I'd wanted to try this place for a while, ever since the owner featured on ITV's 'Best Bakeries' earlier on in the year. Unfortunately when I visited, I forgot the first rule of cake-eating: don't fill up on 'savouries'; go straight for the cake. It was lunchtime so the Husband and I ordered sandwiches, thinking we'd easily be able to manage those AND cake. Our sandwiches, though, (hot beef for me, club for him) were scrummy and very filling, so we decided to get our cakes to take out instead. I couldn't decide between the Chocolate Layer cake (which the waitress told us was best served warm with cream - SOLD!) or the Millionaire's Cheesecake, which sounded like the best dessert ever invented. So I got both. They were both amazing but I definitely preferred the cheesecake, which was so creamy and rich, and was topped of with a little bit of edible gold leaf. I'd never eaten gold before, not that I know of, so that was nice. The cake selection at Sweethart's changes regularly so I think I'll be popping back in the very near future to see what other cakey wonders they offer.

Birthday cake at Dil & The Bear , Tynemouth

This cute little café is exactly the sort of place I'd spend entire days writing and drinking coffee if I could. The décor is shabby-chic homely, with hearts everywhere - oh, and they sell blimmin' lovely cakes. When we visited here we'd walked from the ferry terminal at North Shields (about a mile and a half), so I thought I'd reward myself with a slice of the quirky looking cake in the window, labeled Birthday Cake. It was a kind of layered vanilla sponge with buttercream and jam, covered in icing and topped with all manner of colourful sweets. It was delicious and I suspect I should have been walking a lot more than a mile and a half afterwards to work it off (I didn't of course - I went home and lay down again).

So that's the extent of my cake adventures - for now. I was actually starting to worry that the amount of sugar I'd consumed was making me hallucinate, and not in a good way. I'll be back on the cake-wagon very soon though, scouring the North East for beautiful bakes to report back on.

What's your favourite cake-place?
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