Girls' Night Oot! - Ladies Night at The Lancastrian Suite, Gateshead

Last week we had International Women's Day, celebrating the success, achievements and all-round awesomeness of women everywhere. I love this idea, as I think we'd all agree that getting all the girls together for a celebration of any kind is bound to be fun. 

In anticipation of International Women's Day, and to keep up the long tradition of 'No Better Night Out Than A Girls' Night Out', I recently attended a Ladies Night at The Lancastrian Suite in Gateshead. The Lancastrian hold various themed party nights on regular dates throughout the year, and Ladies Night is always particularly popular. This might be something to do with the butlers in the buff that serve drinks throughout the night, or it could just be that getting several hundred alcohol-fuelled women in a room together can be particularly entertaining (or terrifying, if you're one of the handful of blokes there).
The butlers were thrilled to be there
On this particular occasion I was part of a hen night for one of the girls from work, so our table was awash with pink balloons, confetti and plastic willies. Our Hen was forced to participate in games on the dancefloor which resulted in her having to perform a sort of very quick almost-lap-dance in front of everyone, which of course we all found hilarious.

Our entertainment for the night was Joe Whelan who was a contestant on X Factor last year (and on a previous year, too, as I remember). He actually does have a great, rocky voice, he played guitar and his band were good too (well, what we could hear of them, over the chanting of 'Top off! Top off!' that started as soon as he came onstage). When he obliged and whipped off his t-shirt, the chants changed to 'Pants off! Pants off!'. It may or may not have been us who started this chant, and at one point pretty much everyone in the venue had joined in, which we actually felt a bit proud about. Despite this, he didn't take his pants off, so we went back to sipping Muscato and trying to establish what was under the butlers' aprons.

After Joe had finished, we downed our wine and hit the dancefloor to compare our own versions of dancing like the girls in the Blurred Lines video. After a while, my feet started to feel like someone'd been at them with a hammer and I knew I'd have to sit down before I keeled over.

Soon it was time for our carriage (well, taxi) to whisk us off home and reluctantly we had to leave. I'd had a really great night, though, with all the girls together, and we were already planning the next one. I think the only thing that could've made it better would have been cake (you know how much I love my cake). Stories from the night are still entertaining us at work, but I have to say: What Happens on Ladies Night, Stays On Ladies Night, so they'll remain firmly under my (pink fluffy cowboy) hat. For now, at least.

See The Lancastrian Suite for details of future events, including Ladies Night.
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