Newcastle Quayside Market

I haven't visited the quayside market in years, mainly because I spend most of my Sunday mornings in bed/eating scrambled eggs/watching Nashville, however a couple of weeks ago during #NorthEastHour on Twitter, I won some sausages courtesy of the Geordie Banger Company, who have a stall on quayside market, so the Husband and I decided to venture along last Sunday.

The sun was shining and it would have been a lovely day had it not been for the ridiculous winds which not only COMPLETELY RUINED my hair but were also blowing the stalls all over the shop. I heard one stallholder complaining that his stock was now floating down the Tyne, and I'm not entirely sure he was joking.

Anyway, first things first, we went to collect my sausages. I'm not sure why I'm saying 'my' sausages, as I turned away for literally a second and the Husband had taken it upon himself to choose Broon Ale ones...I'm not keen on Brown Ale since it basically ruined me in one night in my teens, however I did try a Broon Ale banger later on (along with some bacon which I also bought from the Geordie Banger Co) and both were delicious. I'd like to try some of the other flavours next time.

There are loads of stalls selling cakes, brownies and various other treats, but I was drawn in particular to the Northumbrian Fudge Parlour's stall. This is because I simply cannot resist fudge, particularly when it's freshly made (the lady on the stall told us she makes all of her fudge by hand) and comes in amazing flavours like cookie dough and peanut butter. We bought three bars and they were gone within twenty minutes once we got home. I seriously think fudge may be the end of me. But it was delicious.

I'd heard lots about David Nash's leather goods stall, so was glad to find him along near the Millenium Bridge. All of David's products are made by hand and his stall is worth a visit just to have a read of the signs he has describing each product. I (since I'm totally having a yellow moment right now) bought a lovely ochre bag which the label told me was actually an ipad case, as David makes cases for devices he can't even use (the sign's words, not mine). I don't have an ipad anyway, so I'm going to be a rebel and use it as a clutch. When I mentioned my blog, David told me he also writes a blog, which I looked up - it's here and I actually spat my tea out laughing whilst reading it. If you haven't seen it, I would strongly recommend you check it out.

We then had a wander over the Millenium Bridge which was swinging quite precariously in the wind and making me feel a bit sick. I still love it, though.

I'd forgotten how nice it is at Quayside market, especially when the sun is shining, so I'll definitely be back sometime in the next few weeks. Hopefully when it's less windy. Either way, if you're in Newcastle on a Sunday morning, the market is definitely worth a visit.

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