Selling on Ebay - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

A few weeks ago I posted about some of the amazing bargains I've managed to pick up recently on Ebay. I mentioned that for buyers, Ebay is great right now. This week, for example, I've seen two Reiss winter coats (brand new with tags) go for less that 30 quid each. (Not my size unfortunately). I also mentioned that for sellers - private sellers, anyway - things really aren't so good anymore. In fact, I've gotten to the point where I'm wondering if selling on Ebay is worth the effort at all.

I've been buying and selling the odd thing on Ebay since 2002 and have over 1k feedback. I'm a private seller so everything I sell is basically stuff I've tired of or never worn. Selling on Ebay has become a habit for me. If I buy an item of clothing, and I'm not sure about it, I always think to myself, 'well, if I decide I don't want it, I'll Ebay it'. And a lot of the time, I do. I'll even use Ebay to negotiate with myself over whether I should buy something - if I see a pair of shoes I love for £50, I'll make a deal with myself to list items on Ebay that could potentially make me the £50 back. So, the shoes are technically free! (I won't mention that a lot of the time, I just buy the shoes, then completely forget to list any of the other stuff on Ebay).

Recently though, being a private seller on Ebay has become more and more of a pain.

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Postage costs have risen so much that sometimes, it actually costs more to post something than Ebay will allow you to charge. And even then, Ebay take a 10% cut of your postage costs in fees, so you're out of pocket straight away.

Then, some buyers seem to make it their mission to get whatever they can from you, and it doesn't seem like Ebay do anything to stop them. I recently sold a brand new with tags dress. The buyer received it and messaged me to say it didn't fit. I politely explained that I am private seller and my listings state no refunds (not to mention the fact that all measurements were listed) however I would refund the cost of the dress (but not postage) if the buyer returned the dress to me, also at her own cost, to which the buyer raised an Ebay claim stating the item was 'significantly not as described' as it had been worn, which was totally untrue. Who do you think Ebay sided with? Suffice to say I was left out of pocket for postage costs. I've had this happen a few times now.

So I'm starting to feel a little cynical about Ebay nowadays. The rising fees and lack of seller protection mean that sometimes, it's not even worth listing stuff (I don't bother trying to sell anything that I think is worth less than a tenner).

On the other hand, the market reach of Ebay is unrivalled. Where else can you effectively promote your items to millions of people? And I can't deny that the sales I've made on Ebay over the
years have kept me in shoes and handbags without getting into too much trouble from the Husband.

Do you sell on Ebay? What do you think about it?


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