Stlia Lip Glazes - Perfect Spring Neutrals

I've always been a fan of a neutral lip - when I was younger, my go-to makeup look was smokey grey eyes and nude lipstick. As I've grown older, I've started experimenting with bright lips more, but I'm still always drawn to pretty natural shades. They are so easy to wear, you don't need to worry about them clashing with your outfit, and if they bleed or rub off a bit, it's no biggie.

I'm a bit so-so with lipgloss, though. I hate the sticky feeling some glosses give, and as I have quite full lips I'm always wary of looking like a blow up doll. So, I avoid glosses that are overly gittery and shiny (which sounds odd, as it's pretty obvious a lip gloss is going to be shiny), but you know what I mean, right?

Anyway, Stila's Lip Glazes fit the bill perfectly for me. I got a set for Christmas with three shades in and they are so wearable that I've had all three in my handbag ever since.

Kaleidoscope is a pale shimmery almost-peach shade that put me in mind of holidays. It's really subtle on it's own but I've also tried layering it over a couple of my favourite lippies and it's given them a lovely sheen (without being too shiny, IYSWIM).

Amaretto is the very definition of a nude lipgloss, with just the right amount of pigment to give a warm glow to lips. I love the staying power of these - I wore this one for work and didn't need to touch up until I ate.

Passion fruit is the perfect natural pink which gives a really pretty, flushed look. I think this in my favourite of the three, as I'm having a bit of a pink moment, and this is subtle enough to wear during the day.

L-R: Passion fruit, Amaretto, Kaleidoscope

The glazes come in masses of colours at £15 each and there are also several trio sets available at around £12, which for three glosses is a  brilliant price, I think.

Have you tried Stila Lip Glaze?
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