#ThrowbackThursday - the 90s Teen Break Up

You can't decide what's worse - the fact that he broke up with you or the fact that he sent his friend (who'd never previously had any sort of interaction with you) over to tell you in the school yard, in front of your entire class.

Your dad dares to utter those immortal words 'There's plenty more fish in the sea!' to which you run out of the room, crying hysterically.

That Forever Friends bear he gave you (and which you suspected he'd been given by a girl in year 11) somehow ends up in the bushes directly underneath your bedroom window.
You friends come over to your house after school with a 1kg bar of Dairy Milk, of which you (as the heartbroken one) are allowed to eat as much as you can without throwing up.

You can't stop listening to Roxette's 'It Must Have Been Love'. Even when you're nowhere near a radio, the song is playing on an endless loop in your head.

This still makes me teary.
The sight of the 'memory box' you've compiled, containing a Valentine's card and one of his cigarette stubs, causes you to dissolve into a weeping mess.

Your friends console you with the news that he never looked anything like Dieter Brummer, despite you claiming he did.

Aaah Dieter. Where are you now?

You feel physically sick at the thought of him taking that year 11 girl to see Titanic at the cinema. That was meant to be YOUR film!

So what if the relationship was 'technically' only three weeks long? You'd already picked out the perfect engagement ring in Argos.

You feel a small sense of relief that you didn't go through with the matching 'leaping dolphin' tattoos you both had planned.

You realise that actually, you only went out with him 'cause he had a car. Even if it was a snot-green Fiat Cinquecento.

Any of this sounds familiar?!!

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