#Wonderblog - My Favourite Blog :)

You may have seen the competition Currys are running for bloggers to write a post about their favourite blog, to be in with a chance of winning an awesome prize - either an HP Envy Recline or an HP Envy Rove, both perfect for blogging (details at the bottom of this post). Here is my entry! :)

The minute you start blogging and getting yourself out there into the virtual blogging community, you have the opportunity to discover some brilliant blogs and connect with loads of awesome people. Of course, there is the odd crazy person, but hey, you can just block them and pretend they don't exist (another great plus point of the whole online community thing). And occasionally, our virtual lives and our actual-life lives cross over and we meet up with some of the mysterious people behind the fabulous blogs we've been reading at blogger events or cupcake shops.

One of the bloggers I've met a few times is Chloe from New Girl in Toon. We decided we both loved cake, so...went for cake. Yay! And after meeting Chloe and discovering her blog, it has become one of my absolute favourites.

I've lived in Newcastle all my life. I love it. The people, the shopping, the restaurants and bars - it's all awesome and there's nowhere else like it. But I would say that, it's my city. Chloe, though, moved up to Newcastle from London only a year ago, and I'm pleased to say she loves the Toon just as much as me. Even better than that, as I've lived, studied and worked in Newcastle for 30 plus (ahem!) years, I've probably become a bit blasé about the place. I don't go out in town as much as I used to; I don't visit some of the fantastic restaurants here very often any more. Chloe, being relatively new to the area, has a passion for the city and sees it in a completely different, fresh way. Reading her posts about amazing restaurants or afternoon teas makes me think, 'oooh, I must go there!' then I get excited when I realize all of these fab places are right on my doorstep. Some of the attractions featured on Chloe's blog, I never even knew existed. It's like looking at the city from a completely new angle, and I love it.

The other thing I really like about Chloe's blog is her style of writing. She comes across as sunny and upbeat, and her enthusiasm shines through. Even if you don't live in the North East and aren't planning on visiting any time soon (even though you SO should), her blog is a lovely read and I would definitely recommend.

* This post is an entry for Currys Favourite Blog Competition. I'd love, love, LOVE to win the Envy Recline, it looks absolutely awesome. You can see more details on the competition here:

Me and Chloe from New Girl in Toon (this is Chloe's pic - thanks Chloe! :))

Just a Quickie - Holiday Prep :)

So, I'm still on my blog break, since I have so much going on right now including launching our own statement jewellery business, Candy Rocks (feature post coming soon!), and also I'm off to Florida soon on a well earned (even if I do say so myself!) holibob.

Of course, I have managed to make time for essential holiday clothes shopping -there are some real beauties on the high street right now and as I have decided to be 'sensible' (pah!) with my packing for this trip, I've chosen a few capsule pieces that I hope will see me through the week in style! (I know there's no bikini here, but I couldn't actually find one I liked - still looking!). So they are below, and I'll be back after my holiday all revved up and raring to blog (not gonna lie, it's likely I'll have bought half of Sephora, so should have a good few beauty posts to write!) x

Dior Sunglasses - £20, House of Fraser
Yellow Dress - £9, Primark
Print Kimono - £19.99, New Look
Pink Cami - £9.99, New Look
Crochet Bag - £28, Oasis
Embellished Sandals -£65, Dune
Denim Shorts - £14, Matalan
Jumpsuit - £15, Primark


Gloworm Premium Mixer Event at Florita's, Newcastle

When I first started going out and hitting the bars in Toon, my drink tastes were really limited. For about three years, I was a half-cider-and-black kinda girl. Occasionally, If I really wanted to push the boat out, I'd order a bottle of Castaway (with two straws. No idea why). The thought of drinking either of those now makes me feel a bit ill, (can you even get Castaway anymore?!) so thankfully those days are long behind me and I'm a little more discerning in my drinks of choice nowadays.

I love anything fruity and fresh, with a bit of a kick, so I was really excited to be invited to the launch of Gloworm Premium Mixer Drinks* at one of Newcastle's most popular bars, Florita's. The idea behind Gloworm is 'Rethink Your Drink' and there are four different flavours, each the perfect compliment to a specific spirit:

Raspberry and Orris is blended to perfectly compliment Vodka
Pear, Spice and Lime for Rum
Cucumber and Apple for Gin
and Ginger and Lemongrass for Bourbon.

The mixers also contain, as Gloworm puts it, 'a tasteful helping of stimulation' - I normally avoid energy drinks with alcohol because I find them either too sugary or too strongly flavoured, but these beauties are actually sugar free, taurine free (although I'd heard of this before, being an ingredient in lots of energy drinks, I didn't actually know what it was; reading up online it seems it's an acid which can be found in the large intestine - yuck) and contain 30% less caffeine than Red Bull. Sounds good so far!

The mixers come in small, colour co-ordinated cans which look so cute stacked together.

Of course, we had to try all four flavours - it would have been rude to refuse and I'm nothing if not polite. My favourite is definitely Raspberry and Orris with vodka (VodkaGlo), closely followed by Ginger and Lemongrass with Bourbon (BourbonGlo), although actually, I really like them all. I don't often order spirits in bars as I'm not keen on cola and lemonade is a bit yawn, so I love that these are something completely different, with flavor combinations I'd never have thought of myself (okay, okay... I didn't know what Orris was before, either).

We were also treated to some yummy cocktails made with Gloworm, there was one particularly delish one made with VodkaGlo and lychee  - a Glochee, I'll call it, I have decided - and I could happily have drunk that all night.

These weren't all mine. Honest.
I was happy to learn that Gloworm is available in Newcastle's Apartment Group bars right now (the nicest bars in Toon, in my opinion): Florita's, Madame Koo's and Nancy's Bordello, to name a few. I can totally see me at the bar, sipping on a BourbonGlo on a Saturday night over the summer.

I really enjoyed the Gloworm event - and not just because of the free alcohol - the team were lovely, and I was in great company with some other lovely NE bloggers. Aside from that, it's always nice to be the first to try something new - since the Gloworm event I've mentioned it to quite a few friends and people at work and they all seem really keen to try the drinks. Sounds like an excuse for a massive night out on the Toon to me.

Will you be trying Gloworm*?


Where's me mojo? A blogging break....

Just a quick post! I haven't blogged much over the last couple of weeks as I've been so busy, and have also been suffering from a bit of a blog-identity crisis. Every time I sat down to type, I'd end up browsing makeup on Sephora or pastel shoes on Grazia online. It's like an illness. An illness that makes me buy stuff.

So, I'm taking a tiny little break to concentrate on a couple of other projects (including an exciting new venture  - eeeeep!) and I will be back, hopefully with my blogging mojo, very soon! xx

Zara Spring Wishlist

Shopping in Zara usually involves me skipping in and declaring 'I'll take everything, please!'. The new spring collection is packed with sugary sweet shades and I already have these beauties on my wishlist....