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You may have seen the competition Currys are running for bloggers to write a post about their favourite blog, to be in with a chance of winning an awesome prize - either an HP Envy Recline or an HP Envy Rove, both perfect for blogging (details at the bottom of this post). Here is my entry! :)

The minute you start blogging and getting yourself out there into the virtual blogging community, you have the opportunity to discover some brilliant blogs and connect with loads of awesome people. Of course, there is the odd crazy person, but hey, you can just block them and pretend they don't exist (another great plus point of the whole online community thing). And occasionally, our virtual lives and our actual-life lives cross over and we meet up with some of the mysterious people behind the fabulous blogs we've been reading at blogger events or cupcake shops.

One of the bloggers I've met a few times is Chloe from New Girl in Toon. We decided we both loved cake, so...went for cake. Yay! And after meeting Chloe and discovering her blog, it has become one of my absolute favourites.

I've lived in Newcastle all my life. I love it. The people, the shopping, the restaurants and bars - it's all awesome and there's nowhere else like it. But I would say that, it's my city. Chloe, though, moved up to Newcastle from London only a year ago, and I'm pleased to say she loves the Toon just as much as me. Even better than that, as I've lived, studied and worked in Newcastle for 30 plus (ahem!) years, I've probably become a bit blasé about the place. I don't go out in town as much as I used to; I don't visit some of the fantastic restaurants here very often any more. Chloe, being relatively new to the area, has a passion for the city and sees it in a completely different, fresh way. Reading her posts about amazing restaurants or afternoon teas makes me think, 'oooh, I must go there!' then I get excited when I realize all of these fab places are right on my doorstep. Some of the attractions featured on Chloe's blog, I never even knew existed. It's like looking at the city from a completely new angle, and I love it.

The other thing I really like about Chloe's blog is her style of writing. She comes across as sunny and upbeat, and her enthusiasm shines through. Even if you don't live in the North East and aren't planning on visiting any time soon (even though you SO should), her blog is a lovely read and I would definitely recommend.

* This post is an entry for Currys Favourite Blog Competition. I'd love, love, LOVE to win the Envy Recline, it looks absolutely awesome. You can see more details on the competition here:

Me and Chloe from New Girl in Toon (this is Chloe's pic - thanks Chloe! :))
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