French Connection #CantHelpMySelfie Newcastle Event

I am not one of those people who takes loads of selfies. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-selfie, per se, I just scrutinize photos of myself WAY too much already, so if I was snapping them constantly I'd probably have some sort of selfie-induced breakdown. Not good.

However! When my fellow NE blogger Chloe told me about an event French Connection were planning in a few of their stores across the country - including Newcastle - entitled #CantHelpMySelfie, I forgot my selfie-shyness and signed up immediately because it sounded downright awesome - goodie bags, hair and makeup, goodie bags...oh, and did I mention goodie bags?!

Chloe sadly couldn't make it, so my friend Fi and I arranged to meet Kayleigh, another lovely NE blog buddy and all go along together. When we arrived for our pre-booked slots, we were told to choose any outfit we liked from the store to put on before going upstairs for hair, makeup and the dreaded selfie. Now, in theory choosing any outfit you want sounds fabulous - in my mind I was skipping through the store, grabbing armfuls of gorgeous dresses - but in reality, under the pressure of choosing something that would stand out on camera, it's actually really difficult! In the end I went for this yellow jumper, since I'm drawn to anything yellow - a bit like a wasp, now I think of it. I don't really want to compare myself to a wasp. Anyway, I liked the yellow, so I went for the yellow. I was just thinking that a statement necklace would top my outfit off perfectly but I'd stupidly not brought one, so Kayleigh kindly lent me her gorgeous CandyRocks necklace to wear for my selfies.

While we were browsing, there were canap├ęs and drinks, along with beautifully decorated cupcakes from Pet Lamb Patisserie to enjoy. We then headed over to the hairdo area where stylists from Regis were waiting to preen us. My only requirement for my 'do was MAKE IT BIG. And they did! I skipped the makeupping from Benefit because I really don't enjoy having my makeup done by someone else - it's the whole hands-near-face thing - so, I was ready for my selfie!

Kayleigh getting primped by Benefit

I was shown to a curtained booth and given a mobile to take my selfie with. I decided I'd just bite the bullet and take the bloomin' things - if they were horrid, they were horrid. It's not like anyone else would see them anyway (I'd heard mention of them being in the window, but I guessed this would just be for a moment, and since it was after 8pm by then I thought the chances of more than a handful of people seeing it were slim, so I could live with that.)

Anyway, carefree selfie taken, I waited for Kayleigh and Fi to take theirs, and we then decided to go in for a group one too. We were on a selfie-roll.
Fi and Kayleigh ready for their close up

After we'd changed back into our own clothes (there was a small part of me that thought French Connection might just say 'Oh, just keep your outfit!'. Sadly not.) and grabbed our goodie bags (which contained lots of lovely things including Gingerbread Tea from Twinings, some yummy chocolates, beauty goodies and a copy of Stylist) we wandered outside to see if our photos were in the window. As they appeared (all the pics were on a slideshow), we ran to the window to vote by pressing our hand against the picture (I then discovered that the selfie with the most votes wins £1000 to spend instore). Just as I was thinking there was no way we'd be able to vote enough times to even be in with a chance of winning, a member of staff casually mentioned that the pics would be in the window until 27th May. UNTIL 27th MAY. I felt ill, and it was nothing to do with the cupcake I'd just scoffed in under five seconds. My carefree selfie would be out there for all of Newcastle (well, those passing French Connection next to Monument who happened to glance at the window when my photo was on) to see. Oh.

Frantic voting

Turns out the pics are also on the website and can be voted for here also. So I'm kind of resigned to my selfie being 'out there' now. Either way, the event was really fun and we had a great laugh choosing our outfits and getting ready for our close ups. I also think the event reintroduced me to French Connection, as it's not somewhere I shop often anymore, however I spotted loads of gorgeous pieces instore that I'll definitely be going back for a closer look at. I just won't be taking any photos of myself while I do.

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