#ThrowbackThursday - New Kids on the Block :)

I love writing Throwback Thursday posts. I love recalling bizarre things that happened when I was younger, or stuff I used to love that just isn't around anymore. The only thing better than reminiscing about awesome stuff from the past, I think, is when the awesome stuff is still around, and is actually even better than it was before.

Ladies, I present to you: New Kids on the Block. Or, more precisely, Jordan Knight. Now, I was never a huuuuuuuge New Kids fan in the beginning, I was actually a bit young, since they came about in the mid-eighties (you have no idea how good it feels to say I was a bit young.). However, as the years went on and they became mahoosive, my awkward, young almost-teenage self started to have my head turned by one Mr Jordan Knight. Let's ignore the stupid little plait thing he had in the back of his hair. He was HOT. And he had great teeth. So white and straight!

'Hangin' Tough' became the song request of choice at the end of term school disco. I considered wearing a bandana around my forehead a la Donnie, then quickly realised I'd probably be bullied for pretty much the rest of my school-life if I did. (I did try it out in the privacy of my own bedroom though. I looked like a berk.)

Anyway, by the time the whole New Kids furore had started to die down, in '92ish, I'd found a new object of obsession (Mark Owen/Take That), so the unattainable American boy band were kind of kicked to the kerb. By that point, I was looking for a boy band I could actually see live/meet/stalk, and it seemed much more likely that'd happen with the Northern British band than the one from telly/Boston. Ah well.

So, my New Kids/Jordan desire was deeply buried for over twenty years, until this Friday gone. When NKOTB came to Newcastle City Hall. Now, call me crazy but I wasn't even going to GO. I was thinking to myself, hey, you're mid early thirties now, you're not interested in Jordan Knight and his white teeth anymore. EXCEPT I AM. So when I casually mentioned the concert at work, and my friend Fi immediately said she'd go, we had the tickets booked, printed and in our clammy little hands before you could say 'Cover Girl'.

The actual concert is a blur, due to me being 1) almost hysterical at reliving my carefree pre-teen years and, 2) slightly intoxicated after consuming quite a lot of Blue WKD. (I thought I'd reminisce on the alcohol front too. Although, obviously, I wasn't drinking that in my pre-teens. OBVIOUSLY.)
However, one thing that shone through was Jordan Knight's teeth complete and utter total FIT-NESS. I mean, seriously, the man is 44, and looks better than when he was 20. Unreal! The show was amazing, not least down to the atmosphere of a fairly small theatre filled to bursting with drink-fuelled 30-something women who all basically wanted to grab/touch/fondle the same five blokes, and some actually did when they came out into the crowd. Beyond jealous!

So, after the concert, Fi and I were extremely civilised and calmly left the venue and went home. Oh hang on, that's a lie. What we actually did was run outside and wait at the stage door for half an hour for the band to appear. Sadly, it was pouring with rain, and meeting Jordan when I had hair like Sideshow Bob was not my idea of fun. So we left without seeing them. Sob.

So now, I'm pretty much NKOTB obsessed again. The Husband, although he joined in the first few times, says that if he hears me singing 'La la la la la la, Tonight....' one more time he will scream. I don't care though, as I'm still floating on my cloud of Jordan-induced bliss. Aaaah!

Jordan in 1989
Jordan now. Oh yes


  1. Oh hello! I was never into NKOTB back in the day, but I can definitely see the attraction now! x

    1. I know, right?! He's so dreamy ;) x


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