Bunnies, Cakes & Handbags...A Few of my Favourite Things..

Firstly I must apologise for my sporadic blog posts (again)...it feels like I barely have time to sit down at the minute never mind blog. And I REALLY have to find some time to read some of my favourite blogs as that's fallen by the wayside recently too! Anyway, alongside work & being a fledgling business woman with CandyRocks (manning a stall all day in heels KILLS your feet), I have also been out and about at a few little events and things - so this post is basically a round up.

Firstly, last weekend I attended #NorthEastTeaParty, a blogger event organized by the lovely Dannie  and Kloe down in Middlesborough. I haven't been to Middlesborough in...well....I'm not sure I've ever been, actually, so, seeing as I'm the World's Worst Direction Follower I decided it would be safer to get the train down with my new blogging buddy Kayleigh who, I assumed, would know exactly where we needed to be. Turns out we didn't have a clue, but somehow between us managed to find Walkabout, the bar where the tea party was being held. The one stipulation for attending was to bring some baked goods. I'm a bit of an occasional baker really, (as in, occasionally, things I bake taste nice. Mostly, they taste like crap), so to be on the safe side I enlisted the help of one of my work colleagues, Mark, who bakes THE BEST BROWNIES IN HISTORY. Of course, I had to quality check some before taking them down to the tea party. (I quality checked them with ice cream, and then warm with custard. Both were acceptable.)

Anyway, at the venue I caught up with my cake-loving bloggy friend Chloe and also finally got to meet lovely Caroline who I'd been exchanging emails with for a while since we met during a #30sbloggers Twitter chat earlier in the year, as well as lots of other beautiful bloggers I'd not met before, including Cate, Hannah, Nicola and Kelly. Sorry if I've missed anyone!! (I was drinking wine). Everyone had brought delicious cakey goodness and, although I tried my best to munch through everyone's, I started to get the sugar-sweats and had to give up, so I was thrilled to be able to fill my little red polka dot Tupperware box with loads of treats to take home. It was a lovely afternoon and Dannie & Kloe did a cracking job in organising it. We also got goodie bags to take away, containing lovely Lush goodies, false lashes, popcorn & drinks, amongst other stuff. Fabulous!

A few days later, Kayleigh let me know about an event happening at Cruise in Newcastle, to celebrate the launch of the new Anya Hindmarch collection. Kayleigh, Chloe and I arranged to meet Emma then go on to the event. On arrival at the store, we were given a glass of some sort of mysterious (and delicious) drink and shown to what looked like a sort of Tardis at the back of the store, where we gave our date of birth and were presented with  personalized birth chart containing facts about our star signs etc, and a lollipop symbolizing our ruling planet. I don't know much about this sort of thing, but it turns out I'm the Sun, so that has to be good, right? After lusting over the gorgeous  but super-expensive handbags, we decided to toddle down to Primark to look for bargains instead. (I got none. I never do. Primark HATES me). the event itself was quite low key, but it was nice to catch up with some of the North East Blogging Massive again.

And finally I wanted to mention a local animal rescue that I visited very recently (having been meaning to for AGES) - Blaydon Bunny Rescue. I LOVE rabbits - until a couple of years ago I had a pet house rabbit called Alfie who used to enjoy watching Diagnosis Murder with me - but sadly people often underestimate the amount of care and attention rabbits need, and they end up in places like the rescue. Graham runs the rescue from home around his job. After meeting him (I turned up on a Sunday afternoon during what Graham called The Big Clean Up. And yes, I helped!), it's easy to see how committed he is to the buns, ad how much he cares for them, and it was lovely to see them out in the garden, enjoying the sunshine in their runs. I wish I could say I took a bunny home with me but at the moment I just don't have the time to devote to one. Sob! I will definitely return though, and will be spreading the word about the Bunny Rescue to support them as much as possible.

Look! LOOK AT THEM!!!! xxx
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