Shopping Ban? What Shopping Ban?!

A few weeks ago, after checking my bank balance and coming over a bit faint, I decided I'd impose a spending ban on myself. Clothes/shoes/handbags wise, anyway - if I needed a new lippy, I needed a new lippy - couldn't do much about that. But nope, definitely no clothes, no shoes, and no handbags. To be honest, the handbags part was easy - I just avoid them altogether, purely because if I didn't, I'd probably be bankrupt (I have quite expensive handbag tastes). But clothes - a bit more difficult. And shoes - harder still. I could do it though. I was STRONG. (I knew this because Jillian Michaels had screamed at me that I was during her 30 Day Shred DVD, and whatever Jillian says, goes).

Anyway, my ban was to last four weeks. Three days in, I had a close shave in House of Fraser when some studded sandals actually called out to me (at least, it seemed as though they did), but somehow, from somewhere deep inside, I found this amazing strength that enabled me to turn my head and walk swiftly away. I was so proud when I got home, I rewarded myself with cake (I actually did this quite a lot during the ban). There were several more hairy moments over the next three and a half weeks: a dress in Oasis, some pink shoes in Dorothy Perkins. But I survived. I did it.

Happily, on the day my ban was finally lifted, I had the day off work. This was convenient, as I was planning on going wild in the aisles at MetroCentre. And so I did. Which brings me to my purchases....

Floral tops - I wanted something summery to throw on with jeans on a weekend, and these two beauties fit the bill. White Floral Top £12 from Tesco, Pink Shell Top £12.99 from New Look, seen here with my CandyRocks White Russian necklace.

Jewelled sandals. The magpie in me spotted these and loved them immediately. £24.99 from New Look.

Floral Kimono. I've been after one of these for a while, and love the print on this New Look one. Here I've paired it with a Gap tee and my CandyRocks Coconut Ice necklace. I can't see this kimono online, but it was £17.99.

Geo Jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins - £38. I had a long internal debate about whether I could pull of a jumpsuit, and concluded that I loved it so was going to buy it regardless, so there. And actually, this is surprisingly flattering.

Chelsea boots - these were a sale purchase in Debenhams. I've been looking for a comfortable pair of boots (I am sensible sometimes!) for ages, and these are really soft and I like the buckle detail, Plus they were £20. Bargain! Sold out online.

Lemon Leopard Scarf. I love yellow, I love leopard print, I love scarves. £12.50 from House of Fraser.

Lemon pumps - to go with the scarf, obvs. Dorothy Perkins, £12.

Pink Leopard Print Dress. I spotted this in M&S on the sale rail and grabbed it. As I said, I love leopard print, and the pink in the design just makes this pop. And it was a tenner. Eeep!

And so ends my haul - for that day, anyway. Obviously I'm back to my usual carefree spending ways now, since my shopping ban saved me precisely NOWT. I have no idea how, I just know I won't bother next time. Spend, spend, spend, that's what I say!

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