Handbag Love...Jocasi Shark Bag

Yoohoo everyone - please say hello to my BEAUTIFUL new handbag from Jocasi London!

There is a story here. Around ten years ago, I was quietly enjoying cocktails (bottles of Hooch) in a classy Newcastle establishment (I believe it was 'Flares' the '70s bar) with friends in an extremely civilised manner. That's how I recall it, anyway. I also recall suddenly realising, at the end of the night as the taxi left me outside my front door, that I was carrying my phone, my keys, a shoe....BUT NO BAG. Now, this is where I started to get a little hysterical, because this wasn't just any bag - this was my beautiful, prized, super-soft black leather Jocasi Clutch bag, the very one I'd climbed over people to snap up in Topshop a few weeks earlier. The next morning, I called the bar, crossing everything in the hope that my bag would come home to me. Not so - there was apparently no sign of it. I'd lost my beautiful bag (and a Rimmel lippie plus 76p that was inside) forever.

So, considering this, and the fact that I am a complete handbag fiend, I was very excited to learn that Jocasi, based in London, relaunched earlier this year (eep!), and even more excited when Jocasi offered to send me one of their beautiful creations to review here on the blog (double eep!).

I chose the Shark Bag in Tan as I've been after a nice tan day bag for a while. Now I'll come right out and say it: I am a handbag snob so the materials and craftsmanship of any bag I buy is important to me. Jocasi products are handcrafted using carefully selected materials by Balinese Artisans. Sound impressive? It is - the leather on my bag is beautifully soft and the smell....aaahh the smell! As soon as I pulled it out of the dustbag I fell in love.

The style of the bag is kind of like a doctor's bag, with a top zip and handles, plus a detachable strap so the bag can be worn across the body. It's big enough for all my essentials (and I have a lot of essentials - 'What's in my Handbag' post coming soon) and the colour is such a beautiful rich tan that it will go with LOADS. Because of how well made it is, I expect my bag will, with a little love and care, last me years. I am one happy bunny!

If you haven't heard of them or seen their bags, you can read an interview with the company's owner Simon here and browse their range on site, which not only includes bags but also their famous moon belts.

My Shark bag was originally priced at £105 but is currently in the sale for £69 which is a brilliant price for such a beautiful leather bag.

*Thank you to Jocasi for my bag, which I am currently totally obsessed with. As you may have noticed.*

What do you think of my new bag?


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