Happy Summer Fashion

Yes, I shop a lot. A LOT. But I have a shopping blog. It's like, necessary. I buy a lot of clothes. But once in a while, I buy something that makes me happy. Well, all shopping makes me happy really, but occasionally, one, or two -  or three in this case - items just make me feel like putting them on and skipping through the streets singing The Carpenters' 'On Top Of The World'.

Clarks Clovelly Way Loafers

The cutest shade of denim blue, the softest leather....AND THE TASSELS! Oh the tassels. They are white and orange and set these little loafs off so beautifully. I feel chic and playful wearing these and my mid early-thirty year old sensible-side loves the fact that they are so comfortable, it feels like I'm walking on clouds. I did actually skip along the Derwent Walk in these. Oh hang on, I haven't even told you the best bit! These were £40 full price, which I thought was already a good price for such lovely shoes, and then they went into the sale for £20. TWENTY POUNDS. Amazing. Sold out online, but still to be found instore, I'm reliably informed. Go, GO!

Boden Riviera Sleeveless Shirt

Dear Boden, please may I live in the pages of your catalogue? I love, love, LOVE the perfect mix of British style and quirky influences at Boden. This shirt embodies that perfectly. The print is original and pretty and makes me want to eat ice cream. And I can afford the good stuff, because this shirt is only £14 in the sale. Ben & Jerry's, here I come!

H&M Yellow Print Dress

I can't find this online, but they had quite a few in my local store. The shape, fabric and print of this dress are very Kate Spade, I think. I love the modern yet slightly vintage vibe it has. And it's super flattering. Looks like it cost way more than the £29.99 price tag. Also as much as I love yellow, or ochre, as this is, I can't quite pull it off head to toe. This dress has just enough colour to make me feel bright but not look like a misshapen banana. I don't think my photo does it justice, actually.

What are your happy summer buys?

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