It's a Hair Thing: Smooth, Shiny, Volumised? Right This Way....

A while ago I wrote about how much I love my Babyliss Big Hair brush, and how I've pretty much used it every day for almost two years. So imagine my horror when, one morning, whilst  singing along to 'Everybody Get Up' by 5ive (I'm just setting the scene here), my Big Hair suddenly whirred to a halt and the faint smell of burnt electrical wires filled my nostrils. Now I'm an optimist, so I tried switching it off and on at the wall and trying again - nothing. It was hard, but I had to accept it. My Big Hair had gone to the big electrical-hairbrush-graveyard in the sky.

So, fast forward a couple of weeks,( not gonna lie, my hair was BAD during this difficult time) and I am now the proud owner of Babyliss's New Big Hair.

So, what's different about this one compared to my old trusty original version? Well, for a start this one has a cool setting and two heat settings, compared to the one (often scaldingly hot) setting on my old brush. This means I can set the hair once I've curled it with a cool shot of air. And it feels nice.

This version also has ionic technology. When I've read about ionic hair tools, I just sort of assumed it was a made up thing, as it sounded so weird and complicated (I can't even begin to explain it here. No, really, I mean I CAN'T. As in, I have no clue). But basically, this is meant to make hair more shiny. It does, I think.

There are two speeds on the brush. Yesss! This means that when my hair gets caught in the bristles, I can use the slower speed to unwind it painlessly. As opposed to before, when I just had to sort of wrench the hair out, hoping it didn't come out in my hands.

So I've been using my new brush over the weekend, and it's safe to say I love it. LOVE IT! For anyone with medium length hair who likes a bit of body and bounce in your style - this is your saviour.

Have you tried the Big Hair or the newer version? What do you think?

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