My gorgeous, (almost) free Oasis purchases

I think I've said this several times now, but y'know what? I'm gonna say it again. Oasis is by far and away my favourite high street clothes store. The dresses! The prints! (Oasis do the most amazing prints). So I was waiting with my fingers literally hovering over the laptop keyboard for their summer sale to start. And one morning, whilst getting ready for work, I got the happy email news I was waiting for: the sale was ON. In a blind panic (I only had five minutes before I had to leave for work and I'm not sure my boss would accept 'browsing Oasis's sale' as a reasonable excuse for lateness. I will ask him though, for future reference), I suddenly remembered passing a girl on the street in Covent Garden wearing a gorgeous biker jacket, wedges and floral trousers and LOVING her look. NEEDING it, actually. Hence I ordered this little beauty for £20. Bargain or what?

Anyway, it arrived the next day, as fabulous as expected, and I was so thrilled I went online and wrote a review about how in love I was with my new jacket. A couple of weeks later, I received a lovely email from a lady at Oasis saying that my review had been drawn to win a £50 Oasis voucher which would be sent out to me. Eeeeep!

Obviously I went online immediately and mentally started spending it. I am totally drawn to bird prints for some reason - I do like birds (not pigeons, they are evil, but that's another story) and as I said, Oasis do the most beautiful prints with lots of them involving birdies! The first thing I picked out was the Oriental Garden Print Shirt for £22 in the sale (sold out online) as it's a beautiful pale blue and I thought this would look nice with pale skinny jeans and some statement earrings.

Still on the bird theme, I spotted this Burgundy Bird Print Dress which I thought was cute, and it was £15 in the sale. £15!! Obviously I HAD to have it.

I knew I definitely wanted a kimono. I have a nice one already, but I wanted a dressier one that I could wear at night. Enter this - the Natalie Kimono. I love the black and pink print, and I think this is perfect for cocktails at the Quayside in Newcastle, which is where it will be making an appearance later this week! At £40, I thought this was a good price for such a lovely piece. It did take me slightly over my £50 limit, but who's counting? Practically free, right?

In fact, you could say I've saved money, as I'm pretty sure I'd have bought these items, even without my voucher. Yes. So, to celebrate, I think I'll treat myself. I've just spotted Melanie Sykes wearing this on tv, so....... :)

What do you think of my Oasis purchases?

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