#30sSkin – Hey, Sugar Lips

I’m not sure my lips have changed much, actually, in the last 15 years or so – other than the fact that I no longer wear Rimmel’s heather Shimmer lipstick 24/7. I do find a lot of lipsticks quite drying though – even those that aren’t supposed to be, so I tend to go for balms and more moisturising formulas. Staying power is obviously important, but probably the most important thing for me is even wear. Since I often don’t have time to touch up during the day, the last thing I want is to look in the mirror and find my lippie has disappeared apart from a thin clown-like line around my lips. (Remember the early ‘90s ‘masses of liner and no lipstick’ look? Not good).
So, my lip product of choice needs to keep my lips soft, last a decent amount of time and wear off evenly. Hello Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. I first got one of these in a Sephora birthday gift a couple of years ago (yet ANOTHER reason why we should have Sephora stores in the UK again!) in the shade Rose and I wore it to death for the first couple of weeks. This particular shade gives a beautiful sheer rosy (errr...obvs) tint to lips, it’s really rich and moisturising and lasts fairly well (I could still see colour around 4 hours later, although that disappeared when I had a drink).

I’ve since repurchased Rose a couple of times and tried a couple of other shades, Honey which is a rich nude and Petal, which is similar to Rose but more pink and slightly more pigmented. I also love the original version which smells like lemonade. Best of all the Fresh Sugar lip treatments have an SPF of 15 so are perfect for summer, ALTHOUGH! I have discovered they don’t do well in heat – in fact they melt quite badly if left somewhere hot too long. The other slight negative to these is that they aren’t that easy to get hold of in the UK, there is one Fresh store in London I believe, and these can be found online on Ebay & Amazon , but in the US these retail for $22.50 each (although in Sephora they often have sets with mini versions which is what I snapped up) and I couldn’t find them here for less than £22.50.

Either way, next time I’m in the US I’ll be stocking up as I’ve not found anything over here like them.
Have you tried Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments? What are your favourite lip products?
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