Afternoon Tea 1940's Style at Wallington Hall

Let's skip the explanations about why I'm writing posts on tea and cake. Everyone loves tea and cake. And if they don't - well, frankly they're crazy.

So, the Husband and I decided to take a little day trip up to Wallington Hall in Northumberland where I heard they have recently opened a 1940's style tearoom. I haven't been to Wallington since I was a kid but I always remember the stone dragon heads they have there and the pretty walled garden. There's also a tree there which is supposed to be one of the best climbing tees in Britain. Worth a visit, yes?


never to old for tree climbing

Anyway, inside the impressive grounds is the Hall itself, which you can read more about here. There's lots to see in the house including a huge doll's house collection which I could have peered into the windows of all afternoon. But tea called.

this is a doll's house!

One of the rooms has been turned into a very authentic looking 1940's tea room. Tea is served from a large silver urn and there is a small selection of cakes and scones to choose from. The Husband and I decided to share a scone with jam and clotted cream (we don't share cakes very often - are scones cakes? No matter. We were full from the huge bacon sandwiches we'd scoffed earlier).

As the house was home to large numbers of evacuees during the war, the team room walls are lined with vintage suitcases with children's names and photos inside which I think is a great idea. And I loved the wireless in the corner playing '40's music while we sipped our brews. My favourite things, though, were the cute knitted tea cosies covering our teapots.

I love the idea of this tearoom. As it's in a fairly small room in the house, other visitors kept popping in to have a look around, which is understandable but a bit off putting when you're trying to enjoy your cuppa. There was only The Husband and I in the tearoom so if nobody else had come in whilst we were there I think I'd have felt like I was actually transported to the '40's.

curious cows at Wallington

Have you visited Wallington Hall and tried the tearoom?

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