Amazing Bargain Tenner Haul!

Those who know me, know that I am a commited bargain hunter. I can sniff out a good deal at twenty paces. Blindfolded. And when I find one - well, I do a little happy dance. Not in the shop, obviously. Often this is in the comfort of my own living room, whilst The Husband sighs loudly and mutters about 'too much stuff' and 'nowhere to put it'. Or something along those lines.

Anyway, last week, I think I did particularly well in my quest for bargainous purchases, even if I do say so myself. I got all of this for a tenner:

Yes, a TENNER. I can hardly believe it myself.

Firstly, the gorgeous pastel colour block satchel bag was £3 from Oasis. THREE POUNDS. It happened like this: I was going through my usual weekday morning routine - get up, complain about how early it is, make tea, drink tea, browse Oasis site for shiny new things. I spotted this bag and had it ordered before you could say AMAZEBALLS. I think I may have grabbed the last one though, as I haven't seen it on the site since. Hardly surprising, considering.

Next, this Marc Jacobs Lola Solid Perfume Ring. The Husband is on O2, so I'm often wrestling his phone away from him and checking out the offers on Priority Moments. At the moment there's a great offer at The Fragrance Shop for £10 off any purchase, with no minimum spend. I could have bought loads, but since I was trying to be good (yes, yes, I know), I settled on this as I love Marc Jacobs, and am obsessed with his fragrances. Lola is one of my faves. This solid perfume filled ring is super cute (although I won't wear it, it's a bit too quirky for me), but I will keep it in my handbag for Lola-goodness on the go. The RRP of this s £30, it's £15 instore so £5 with the O2 app. Kerching!

Tigi Root Boost and Paul Mitchell Volume Hairspray   - these were £1 each in the Regis sale. Admittedly, I bought WAY more than this. I spent £15 in total and got around £60 worth of hair products that will keep me going for a good while.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick samples = Free, just for asking really nicely at counters. A full review on the mascara will be coming in a couple of days!

What have your best bargains lately been?

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