Kate Spade 17 Month Planner

I am not an organised person, least of all when it comes to blogging. In my mind, I know exactly what I want to do or write, and when, but then life/tv/internet shopping gets in the way and it all goes wrong.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was chatting to a US blogger on Twitter and she mentioned she had just bought a Kate Spade planner. Now, as you might know, I am obsessed with anything Kate Spade -see here - so as soon as she told me about it, I HAD TO HAVE IT IMMEDIATELY. Everything suddenly seemed so clear - if I owned the Kate Spade planner, I could organise my blog, heck, my life, easily and incredibly chicly. (Is chicly a word? If I isn't, it should be).

And so began my quest to locate the planner, which isn't available to buy in the UK. I was specifically after the large planner, at $36 (I was planning on doing a lot of planning). Buying it direct from Kate Spade's site was a possibility but I wasn't keen on the $35 shipping charge plus tax. Hmmm. Amazon had it in stock, but infuriatingly won't let you order from their US site if you're in the UK, and the UK site doesn't have it. Gah!

Cue lots of googling and finally locating my planner at Barnes & Noble at a reduced price of $32 and with extremely reasonable $12 shipping. Kerching!

Two weeks on and my planner has arrived, and I've begun planning my life in glorious monochrome. The planner covers 17 months, from August 2014 to the end of 2015, so I have plenty of time to get my money's worth out of it. It has plenty of room for my scribblings AND - perhaps most importantly - has a super cute polka dot inner lining to contrast the outer stripes. Sigh.

In true KS style, each month begins with a cheerful Kate Spade quote to help you through the month with a smile. Obviously, as it's a US planner, it doesn't include dates of any UK specific holidays, but, hey, do I really need to know when bank holidays are?!

So I've been planning like a good 'un for a few days now, and it's working. I feel like an organising machine, only stopping occasionally to stroke my planner.

What do you think of my Kate Spade planner?

It even matches my beloved KS mug #fate
*Sadly this little beauty is sold out now at Barnes & Noble but can still be purchased directly from Kate Spade.

*P.S. Apologies for the over use of the words 'planner' and 'planning' in this post. I was just so happy to be planning with my planner, I couldn't help it.

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