St Tropez Self-Tan Express Mousse

I have a chequered history with tanning. Since I'm pale-ish, acual tanning has never really been an option for me, so I've long been on the hunt for a decent faker. One of the best I found up to now was Creighton's Bronze Ambition tanning cream which can actually be found in pound stores. I like the smell, and the texture, although admittedly I don't always get the desired even, streak free colour with this even though I follow the whole exfoliate/moisturize thing religiously. I have been on the hunt for the brand's 360 degree Tanning Spray for a while now, to see if I get a better result with that, with zero luck so far. Pfft.

So a friend recommended the St Tropez Express Mousse to me recently, although, at £33, it's way more than I would usually spend on tannage. But I have to say I was intrigued - the reviews I'd read for this product were incredible. So eventually I caved and bought a bottle to try.

Now, this is a mousse formula, and is tinted, so easy to see where you're applying. I must admit I usually avoid mousses as they tend to cling to my dry patches more than lotions or sprays but I followed the instructions and gave the mousse a good old rub in with a tanning mitt. So, the instructions say leave the product 1 hour before washing off for a light sunkissed look, 2 hours for a medium tan, and three hours for a more intense result. The idea is that, after you've washed it off, the tan will continue to develop for several hours, but you aren't leaving brown smudges all over your sofa/bed/clothes/other half. So, I thought, in for a penny, in for a pound, and left the product on for three hours whilst I pottered about at home.

Once I showered it off I was left with a nice glow, but nothing too intense. As the day wore on I noticed I was gradually getting slightly darker, but not ridiculously so, which is a relief as I had awful visions of looking in the mirror and seeing Dale Winton staring back at me. No streaks or patches either - see my legs below ( apologies that they look rather chicken-like - it's the angle. Definitely the angle.)

So it's now been a day since I applied the tan, and I think it's given a nice, natural result. Am I blown away? Not quite - I do like the product - the fact that it doesn't need to be left on overnight or for hours on end is a big plus, and the colour it gives is natural and I'm happy with it. But I still think £33 is a lot of money for a tanning product.  I'll be interested to see how long my colour lasts - I'll update here in a few days.

Have you tried the St Tropez Express Tan?

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