The Harry Clasper by Wetherspoon's, Whickham, Gateshead

The Husband and I have spent many a night bemoaning the lack of 'decent' pubs in our local area. To be fair there are a couple, but it's always nice to try somewhere new, right? So when Wetherspoon's asked me if I'd like to try their new bar, the Harry Clasper in Whickham, I had my lippie on and my heels at the ready before you could say 'free wine'. Did somebody say free wine?

The night we visited, the heavens decided to open. Now, as much as I love getting dressed up and going out on the town, I am likely to quickly wriggle out of it if it's raining. It's the hair, y'see, it doesn't cope well with moisture at any level. But the husband was looking forward to a decent hot meal (I'm no cook) so as a compromise I decided I'd drive.

Wetherspoon's choose old, unused buildings for their bars, which often mean they are full of character, and the Harry Clasper didn't disappoint. It's located on Front Street in Whickham, around three miles from Newcastle. It's large inside with a nice outdoor seating area which obviously we couldn't use but I've driven past a few times since and it's always been busy.

There was a limited menu on the night as it was a preview night, so I had Pulled Pork, which I'm obsessed with right now (insert 'obsessed with pork jokes here) which was lovely and I scoffed it so quickly that I actually forgot to take a pic. The Husband had Chilli and he also ate it so fast the staff probably wondered if we'd been fed at all that day. To my disdain (and The Husband's delight) we were given a handful of drinks vouchers which could have seen me merrily sipping rose until the wee hours had I not had the car. Despite the preview night being busy, the staff were all pleasant and friendly. And perhaps most importantly, for future reference on my next wine-quaffing visit, the bar area is huge, so hopefully no elbow-wars to get served on a Saturday night.

So all in all, a nice bar, with the usual Wetherspoons offers making it reasonable for tea out or few drinkies. Or both. I'm sure I'll be back very soon.

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