Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

This is my mascara collection:

In short, I’m a mascara whore. Harsh, but true. I expect a LOT from my mascara; I want it to thicken, lengthen, separate and completely coat my lashes. I don’t want it to clump, fade, crumble or smudge. Even if I sweat. I want it to make my lashes look natural, but dramatic. I want the brush to be soft, full, but not so big that I can’t apply to my bottom lashes without making a mess. Basically I want the moon on a stick, in mascara form. Oh, and if I’m paying a lot for it (over a tenner), it ‘d better be gooood or I will be MAD. Yup.
I like all of the mascaras in my collection, they all meet a lot of my requirements...but none of them completely deliver. DiorShow makes my lashes look huge, but smudges. They’re Real by Benefit never smudges, but the brush is so scratchy. Clinique High Definition mascara separates and defines perfectly due to it’s dual brush/comb – but it’s discontinued. You see my problem.

Enter Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I’m expecting great things – can’t think why. Anyhoo. I’m reviewing a small, sample sized version I got from the fabulous Rose's Beauty Store. First impressions – LOVING the pink tube. Cuteness! (Too Faced packaging always gets me). But onto the product. This mascara makes BOLD claims. Like, an increase of 1944% volume and length to lashes. The idea is that the hourglass shaped brush fits into every curve to perfectly coat lashes in deepest black colour, which I think it does, actually. This is me before, and after, three coats, without using a lash comb:

Heck, I think I like it. So, let’s give it the real test – a day at work. This means I alternate between being ridiculously hot if I’m outside at all (since we are having some sort of freak warm weather atm. I’ve heard it’s called ‘summer’) and getting my eyeballs dried out by the cool breeze of a desk fan if I’m inside. By lunchtime, things weren’t too bad – I had a little smudging. Just a tiny bit. By home time....uh oh. More smudging, and a teeny bit of flaking. Not masses, but enough to annoy me. At this point I have to add that it was a 10 hour day and, as I mentioned, it was a warm day too. So, how does Better Than sex compare to my other mascaras? I’d put it on par with the Dior for colour, coverage and the level of smudge, but actually I think the Too Faced one gives a little more length and definition.
So, although it’s not quite perfect, I’m thinking this could be a contender for the best of my collection right now. I’ll still continue my search for a mascara that does all of the above and stays put, though.
Have you tried Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara? What do you think?
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