Blogging Pretty On A Budget - HP Turquoise Chromebook

One of the (many) frustrations I've had over the last few months whilst blogging/writing/browsing Shoeaholics website is that my laptop is SLOW. It's old (well, I've had it for over three years, which in laptop years is like, a hundred or something), overworked, the battery is on it's last legs and my letter 'L' keeps doing this annoying sticking thing where I'd type a paragraph then read back over it and realise that every time I'd typed the word 'blog' it shows as 'bog'. (My sticky 'L' caused a particular problem when I drafted up a post about the new clock I bought for my bedroom. But we won't go into that).

So, it was pretty obvious I'd have to invest in a new laptop before I posted something that got me banned from the blogosphere. And me being a mild-technophobe (I'm actually pretty good with technology once I get going. It's the 'getting going' bit that gets me - reading instructions and the like) I didn't have a clue where to start. I knew I didn't want a tablet (I prefer a keyboard - I know, I'm so old-school) or a netbook (I like a bigger screen), I'm not massively keen on Apple products and I remembered reading something recently about Chromebooks being pretty snazzy and good for those on a budget (which I am - I have a handbag habit to feed after all) so when I spotted this little beauty I thought it might be worth a try. Especially since it's so purdy! (I'd love to say that had nothing to do with why I purchased this, but...)

Anyway, it has a 14" screen, 4Gb RAM and 16Gb SSD for those who are in the know. For those that aren't, like me - it powers up fast, the keyboard feels nice, and the battery lasts up to 9 hours. Oh, and did I mention the purdy turquoise colour? This also comes in white and coral (and I did sway towards coral at one point as it looks equally gorgeous). The best bit? This is a refurbished model which means it's basically new with all accessories but much cheaper than one actually listed as new. I paid £179 for this which I think is pretty good. I ordered from Dabs and it arrived within 3 days.

I've been using my new beauty over the last few days and apart from getting used to not having Windows I'm getting along fine with it. And I do LOVE the colour. All I need now is an equally cute laptop bag to carry this around in for when I'm using it on the go. (let's just ignore the fact that 99% of the time I use my laptop I'm lying in my bed).

What do you think? xx

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