Getting my US Beauty On at Rose's Beauty Store

I’m a beauty junkie. This is probably obvious from some of my previous posts, and, also, from the title of the tab above, saying 'Beauty Junkie’. *cough*

What this basically means is that, if I see a innovative new product on a blog, read a rave review, watch an impressive advert or just basically hear about something I haven’t tried yet, I MUST HAVE IT. Since I read a lot of US based beauty blogs, this presents me with a problem, as a lot of these amazing new beauty products are found in Sephora, or US drugstores, and not here in the UK. Which, of course, only makes me want them more. MOAARRRRR!!

So every time I visit the US, I fill my boots (not literally - that’d be weird, and I imagine getting through customs would be awkward) with all the covetable products I’ve been eyeing up, which is great. Then I get home, and about a week later, discover another must-have product that I’m kicking myself for not noticing before I went. Not great. So, if I’m here in the UK, where can I buy these awesome US goodies? On one of my favourite beauty sites, that’s where.

Iif you haven’t heard of it already, I’m talking about the fabulous Rose’s Beauty Store. Rose’s is based in the UK but stock so many of the amazing US brands that are near impossible to get hold of here; think Kat Von D, Bite Beauty, Makeup Forever, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Josie Maran and Tarte to name a few. Alongside the premium brands, Rose’s also stock some US drugstore products which I was over the moon about as, when I was in Florida earlier this year, I fell in love with Covergirl Outlast Foundation and was worrying about how I’d be able to replace my bottle when it ran out - luckily Rose’s came to my rescue!

As we know, Sephora now ship to the UK, however once you add on taxes, shipping, and take into account that there are quite a few products Sephora won’t ship over here (like the Tarte bronzing set I had my eye on - grrr!) it becomes a bit of a hassle, so for me, ordering my US beauty must-haves is so much easier from Rose’s. The thing I love best is that if there is something you really want (like the Sephora Give Me Some Lip kit. I. NEED. THIS.), then the ladies at Rose’s will make every effort to get hold of it for you. I’ve used Rose’s a few times and the service has always been brilliant, shipping quick, and I’ve been over the moon with my goodies. The other fab thing is that a lot of the foundations are available as samples to try before you splash out on the real thing (and I was so glad of this, as it gave me the chance to try Kat Von D foundation which did absolutely nothing for me, without forking out for a full size bottle).

Some of the stuff I've had in Rose's awesome Sample Packs
Another thing I love about Rose’s - but you need to keep this under your hat because frankly it’s freakin’ AWESOME - if you love trying new products (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) the site offers sample packs for £1 each which contain three different beauty/hair/skincare samples - these obviously vary but I’ve had a few of these and some have had some amazing contents like mini Nars and Marc Jacobs lip glosses, Makeup Forever primer in a cute bottle and Hourglass mascara. Much cheaper than a beauty box but you still have the fun of getting a surprise and trying something new. What’s not to love?!

Let me know if you’ve tried Rose’s Beauty Store!

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