Looking For a Unique Wedding/Engagement/Celebration Gift?

...I often am. I think especially when it comes to weddings, if the couple don't have a gift list, or you just want to get a little something different to remind them of their special day, it's hard to think of anything other than a bottle of champers, and just because I could happily sit and quaff a full bottle doesn't necessarily mean they'd want to. Ahem.

So, I think I may have professed my love for all things Etsy on several occasions on Twitter. I have bought many unique bits and pieces from there (and yes, I did need that 'People I Want To Punch In The Face' notebook) so when I knew I had a few weddings to attend this summer I headed over to Etsy to see if anything caught my eye, and that' when I stumbled across Bramley Apple of my Eye. Lisa, who owns the shop, makes beautiful hand-stamped pieces from aluminium or sterling silver at really reasonable prices.

My favourite pieces are the Aluminium Hand Stamped Wedding Key Rings as I think these definitely fit into the 'completely unique gift' category! Each key ring comes stamped with - well, whatever you choose, really, but you could for example have the initials on one side, and the wedding date on the other, which is what I chose and I think makes these a really cute keepsake.

So, having bought these for the last 3 couples whose weddings I've been to, I thought I'd share as I think they are such a brilliant, cute idea. What do you think?

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