Lulu Guinness Bargain Make up Bags

I love cute, and I love quirky, ergo, I love Lulu Guinness. The signature black, white and red of her designs is instantly recognisable and I often find myself cooing over her iconic lips clutches or forties-style handbags. So, when LG had a sale recently, I pored over the website looking for bargains. Gotta be honest, I don’t need any more handbags. As in, I literally have no room in my house for any more handbags. But what I did need was a new makeup bag. (I’m using the word ‘need’ quite loosely here - I have a perfectly good Marc Jacobs makeup bag, but it’s *slightly* bigger than I’d like to carry every day. So, actually, I suppose I did need a new makeup bag). 

Anyway, I spotted the cute little number below on sale for £ could I say no?! It’s polka dotted, it has a red lining, it’s big enough to fit my powder, lippy and blotting sheets in but small enough to force me to not carry my entire makeup collection around with me, making my handbag weigh a ton. No brainer.

I visited Cheshire Oaks last week, and popped into the Lulu Guinness outlet, as you do. There on the shelf was my lovely cosmetic bag’s bigger sis – this one opens out into two sections with clear sides so you can see what’s inside. Perfect for travelling, and reduced to £13.20. Mine!

I’m not sure of the original prices of my bags, but similar ones in a newer design are priced at £22 for the small one and £60ish for the doubler, so I’m going to class these as a mahoosive bargain. The Cheshire Oaks store seemed to have plenty in stock if you happen to be visiting. 

What do you think?

P.S. Anyone who loves Lulu like I do will most probably know about her Uniqlo collab which is available now (I have my eye on the lips print pullover)


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