Lush Newcastle Event

Before last week, Lush wasn't a shop I usually made a beeline for; I suppose like a lot of people I've always walked past the store and enjoyed the gorgeous smells wafting out of the doors, but I've not often gone in, other than to buy bath bombs or the occasional brightly wrapped gift for someone at Christmas. I've never really thought about it much before but I suppose the reason for that is that I don't (or didn't!) know much about Lush products. I did know, however, that they aren't tested on animals, nor are any of the product ingredients. Lush is also often raved about in a lot of the beauty blogs I read so I was excited to get a lovely email from Lush PR asking me if I'd like to attend an event at the brand new Newcastle store last week.

So I met up with one of my partners in blogging-crime Chloe and we headed off to the new store, which is inside Eldon Square. Lush had pulled out all the stops for the night, with yummy gin cocktails, cupcakes and a singer who I didn't get the name of (I believe she works for Lush) but was so good I actually thought we were listening to a cd rather than a live performance. The store is large and bright with shelves full of gorgeous Lush goodies in the brand's signature quirky style. 

The staff were visibly excited about the new store and really enthusiastic in showing us around and demonstrating products. I particularly loved the massage bars which I've never tried before but after one of the ladies gave me a mini hand/arm massage with a Therapy bar I was sold! The super rich moisturisers (cocoa and shea butter) made my skin silky soft and left a lovely sheen whilst smelling amazing (orange oil and lavender oil - mmm). I was really interested to learn that ingredients in the product are 100% natural and a really cute fact we were told is that the design of the Therapy bar is inspired by the fact that one in every four babies born has an 'outie' belly button. We were also told that this particular massage bar was previously a Lush Spa exclusive product which I can believe as it feels like such a decadent treat!

I was keen to check out the various ballistic bath bombs and we got to try out a couple including Fizzbanger which not only smells good enough to eat but also changes colour whilst it fizzes away in the water. The piece de resistance is the popping candy in the centre of the bath bomb which we could hear popping away as the bomb dissolved. I can honestly say I've never seen a bath product like it and I will definitely be treating myself to one of these!

The new store also has a large perfume bar stocking the brand's Gorilla perfume. The Dirty Body Spray caught my eye as it comes in a quirky spray-gun and I think the Husband would love the fresh, minty scent. The store also stocks Lush makeup which we didn't get a chance to try as it was quite busy. 

What really came across to me is how much the staff love and believe in the products. Lush products are made in Poole and a couple of the guys from the factory were demonstrating how they divide and package product ready to hit the shelves. Lush products are all freshly handmade and have a little sticker on each showing who made it (in cool cartoon form) and when which gives a really personal touch. You can see more about how the products are made here

When we left we were given a bag of goodies including I Love Juicy Shampoo, Furze Perfume, Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash (yes, yes, I know. I don't have a beard. Usually.) and Enchanted Eye Cream which I can't wait to try, I will be posting reviews soon. 

Since I'm now a Lush convert, I'd love to know what your recommended Lush faves are? Let me know, and, if you're in Newcastle, check out the new store. 

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