Throwback Thursday - Beverly Hills, 90210

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A couple of weeks ago I was blindly flicking through the tv channels when I suddenly spotted a very familiar large wrinkled forehead. Could it be...?! YES, IT WAS! It was Dylan McKay, hearthrob of my childhood years. At this point I am SURE you will all be very aware of who Dylan McKay is, but I shall explain anyway.

Dylan, played by the very lovely Luke Perry, was one of the main characters in Beverly Hills, 90210. Not that fancy modern version of the show, but the ORIGINAL. The BEST.  In a nutshell, the show centred around Brandon & Brenda, sixteen year old twins who move to Beverly Hills and the exploits of them and their friends as they stumble through high school and college.

Brandon and Brenda had the best life. They basically went to school, wore amazing clothes (The jeans! God I miss stonewash jeans. Kind of), lived in a mahoosive house and ate pie at The Peach Pit. Dylan was Brenda's rebel of a boyfriend who - shockingly - wore an earring. Oh, he also drove a porsche. I had no idea what a porsche was when I was twelve, but it sounded cool. Other characters included Kelly, Brenda's bitchy school friend (and my teenage fringe icon), Donna, the one who was only on the show because her dad produced it hung around with Kelly and Brenda, Steve, who had the most fabulous blonde curly mullet, Ahhhhndrea, who wore glasses and was therefore terribly clever, and David, the school geek. There were others, too, but these were my favourites.

Brandon and Dylan were not like any school boys I'd ever come across - or was ever likely to. (Years later, I looked back on this and felt somewhat cheated). The whole thing was so full of drama (90210 tackled some tough subjects, like alcoholism and domestic abuse) yet unspeakably glamorous. I would sit on a Saturday tea time eating my buttered crumpets and watching in awe.

I learned valuable stuff from that show, too. Like every time I need to enter a US zipcode into a website to be able to enter special, super-amazing US-only sales (I'm looking at YOU, Kate Spade!) I confidently tap in those familiar five digits without a second thought. My Sephora Insider card is actually registered at the Walshes' address. Not a lie.

Yeah, so CBS Drama are currently airing every.single.episode at 9pm each night. Good bye, social life! Turns out I love 90210 now as much as I did back in the day. The only thing that's ruined my little jaunt down memory lane is the realisation that all of the cast - and therefore, me - are considerably older now. Luke Perry (Dylan) is almost 48. FORTY EIGHT. His forehead is still wrinked.

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Ian Ziering (Steve) is 50. Oh, and he's also a Chippendale. Why didn't he look like this in the 90210 days? Although admittedly, I was partial to his mullet.

Ian-Ziering-d-acteur-a-stripteaser_exact780x1040_p.jpg (780×1040)

Were you a fan of Beverly Hills, 90210?

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